make flash banner

rf45inc: hi

uniandy_cool: hi, bro

rf45inc: can u do the project 2day?

rf45inc: i need examples of headers

uniandy_cool: i think so

uniandy_cool: what kind of header you need to see?

rf45inc: give it to me uploaded to a site

uniandy_cool: with menus?

rf45inc: something similar tooo....

uniandy_cool: you need the header to show menus and pictures?

uniandy_cool: or just a header with animations?

rf45inc: both

uniandy_cool: i see

uniandy_cool: wait let me open my CD Rom to find sth

rf45inc: [url removed, login to view]

uniandy_cool has canceled the file transfer.

uniandy_cool: loading

uniandy_cool: wait

uniandy_cool: the same?

rf45inc: ya

uniandy_cool: you just need header like this?

rf45inc: ya

uniandy_cool: the 3D computer , you also need 3D?

uniandy_cool: i cannot design 3D, brother, but can have other animation solutions

rf45inc: no dont need 3d

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: give me exampled

rf45inc: examples

rf45inc: of what u did b4 similar

uniandy_cool: any other requirement?

rf45inc: dont wanna waste more then 5 minutes of my time

rf45inc: i told u

rf45inc: [url removed, login to view]

uniandy_cool: ok, wwait

uniandy_cool: have you checked this?

rf45inc: ummmm

rf45inc: uplopad

rf45inc: si can view

uniandy_cool: let me try

uniandy_cool: you don't have Flash player?

uniandy_cool: bro

rf45inc: no

uniandy_cool: my FTP account is in my office

uniandy_cool: not in my laptop

rf45inc: ]huh?

rf45inc: lol

uniandy_cool: can i send you a Flash player?

rf45inc: k

uniandy_cool: wait

uniandy_cool: first receive my files

uniandy_cool: receive

uniandy_cool: so slow

rf45inc: ur connection is a mess

uniandy_cool: hehe, maybe

uniandy_cool: but normally is fast

rf45inc: not maby

rf45inc: 4 sure it is man

uniandy_cool: maybe i use wireless

rf45inc: lol!

uniandy_cool: bro, i will have my US server in few days

rf45inc: hmmm ok

You have received 1 file from uniandy_cool.

[url removed, login to view]

Open (Alt+Shift+O)

uniandy_cool: ok, then receive my files

uniandy_cool has canceled the file transfer.

uniandy_cool has canceled the file transfer.

You have received 1 file from uniandy_cool.

Flash Banner [url removed, login to view]

Open (Alt+Shift+O)

rf45inc: u make these?


uniandy_cool: of course

rf45inc: ok

rf45inc: the lavera 1

uniandy_cool: ?

rf45inc: the body spa banner

rf45inc: i want u 2 use that 1

rf45inc: n edit it

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: or do u have more

rf45inc: more i can choose from?

uniandy_cool: i have many, i have these in my PC, in office

rf45inc: oooh

uniandy_cool: [url removed, login to view]

rf45inc: send me what u have here

uniandy_cool: i can design like this for you

uniandy_cool: not only hanner?

rf45inc: i need same sizise as that

uniandy_cool: this is done for a client

uniandy_cool: same size as [url removed, login to view]

rf45inc: yes

uniandy_cool: np

uniandy_cool: other requirement?

rf45inc: so u can use exsisting flash n exit content sie to match mine

rf45inc: n i have 4 dolls

rf45inc: i want them in a group

rf45inc: in the banner

rf45inc: u need to cut them out perfectly n neat so it looks real

rf45inc: these are high end collectable dolls need to look like

rf45inc: and also the name of the company is FashionDollEmpire.. the logo for the website u can make that name with a crown or boa over it

rf45inc: the slogan text for the site i have

rf45inc: is...

uniandy_cool: ok

You have sent 1 photo to uniandy_cool.

[url removed, login to view]

uniandy_cool: nice hot dolls

uniandy_cool: i need to crop them out also?

rf45inc: yep

rf45inc: crop?

rf45inc: i want full body display

uniandy_cool: cut

rf45inc: yes cut them out

rf45inc: of course

uniandy_cool: remove the background?

rf45inc: yes

rf45inc: lol!!!!!!!!

rf45inc: the slogans on banner are

rf45inc: Welcome to the vibrant empire of fashion dolls

You have received 1 file from uniandy_cool.

[url removed, login to view]

Open (Alt+Shift+O)

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: Welcome to the vibrant empire of fashion dolls

uniandy_cool: how many menus

rf45inc: make it glamours, make it yours

rf45inc: umm the navigation menu needs to have the following

rf45inc: * 16” : - Sybarite & Deva

- Tonner

* 12” : - Fashion Royalty:

- Barbie & Bartz


* Celebrities:

* Action figure:

* Pops

* Sales

rf45inc: *CD, DVD, Books

uniandy_cool: menu and submenus?

rf45inc: and for the content we want Home, Company, faq, & contact

rf45inc: yes

rf45inc: only 2 categories have sub categories

rf45inc: cause we will add more later so make it that way

uniandy_cool: * for main menus

uniandy_cool: - for submenus?

rf45inc: no *

You have sent 1 photo to uniandy_cool.

Adele [url removed, login to view]

uniandy_cool: Home, Company, faq, & contact are for menus or btns?

rf45inc: oooh

rf45inc: ic

rf45inc: * for main menu

rf45inc: home company... is buttons

rf45inc: n i want it pretty ok?

rf45inc: make the background like very empire looking with colors moving


uniandy_cool: no worry, bro

rf45inc: use your skills plz

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: n remember the fashidollsempire logo with a crown on top

rf45inc: FashionDollsEmpire

rf45inc: when can u be complete?

rf45inc: how many hrs?

uniandy_cool: give me 3 days, ok?

rf45inc: wow

rf45inc: sorryyy

rf45inc: y 3 days

uniandy_cool: ok or not ok, bro

rf45inc: not ok "bro"

uniandy_cool: since there is many work

rf45inc: my client will be so madd

rf45inc: lol!

rf45inc: its not for me

uniandy_cool: 2 days?

rf45inc: i have a deadline

rf45inc: i need to submit 2morrow

rf45inc: in next 29 hrs

rf45inc: 5pm est tomorrow

uniandy_cool: ok, i try bro

rf45inc: no

rf45inc: dont try tell me u can do it

rf45inc: or im fuked

rf45inc: its not liek u 2 me

rf45inc: i have to give to my boss

rf45inc: or im fuked

uniandy_cool: hehe

rf45inc: u dont get in trouble

rf45inc: i do

uniandy_cool: i don't want either you or me being fucked

rf45inc: the company pay 4 this for us 2 resell

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: we cant

rf45inc: try

uniandy_cool: so what's the busget?

rf45inc: we need it done

rf45inc: 100 usd

uniandy_cool: bro, can you add little more?

uniandy_cool: menus, graphics, coding

rf45inc: no..its my budget

rf45inc: lol

rf45inc: u dont understand

uniandy_cool: many works, bro

rf45inc: ok listen

rf45inc: when u work wth a design firm

rf45inc: we outsourse

rf45inc: n based on what the buyer is paying

rf45inc: we have a % we can spend to produce

rf45inc: understand?

uniandy_cool: ok, brother

rf45inc: n 100 usd is the prduction % for this project

uniandy_cool: i will do

rf45inc: k

uniandy_cool: listen

uniandy_cool: since you outsourced

uniandy_cool: i have to tell you

uniandy_cool: we are stand on the same boat

uniandy_cool: i have previous experience

rf45inc: k

rf45inc: good

uniandy_cool: so you need to payme 40% in advance

rf45inc: no

rf45inc: i will pay u nothing

rf45inc: i will do escrow

rf45inc: n if not complete by 29 hrs

rf45inc: i will send to gaf to cancel project

rf45inc: cause then client will not ant

You have sent 1 photo to uniandy_cool.

[url removed, login to view]

rf45inc: want*

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: these people are picky

rf45inc: n mean

rf45inc: they do not care

uniandy_cool: escrow is ok

rf45inc: they can find others

rf45inc: to make it

uniandy_cool: but how about the quality

rf45inc: do u think we want bad quality?

uniandy_cool: since visual design, diferent person has different opinions

uniandy_cool: how do i make sure they like my final work

uniandy_cool: to ensure this point, you need have the control

uniandy_cool: i will do my best, but you need to protect my hours spent

rf45inc: ok.. if u do ur best

rf45inc: u dont need 2 worry right?

uniandy_cool: i just don't want my efforts goes in vain

uniandy_cool: since you are not the end customer

rf45inc: ok

rf45inc: when ur half way done

rf45inc: let me see

rf45inc: ok?

rf45inc: im always online

rf45inc: but what im saying is if u try ur best

You have sent 1 photo to uniandy_cool.

[url removed, login to view]

rf45inc: n do the quality like u show me in the spa lotion header

rf45inc: u will be fine

uniandy_cool: but to cut the images out

uniandy_cool: it's a fine toned work

uniandy_cool: do you think [url removed, login to view] is ok?

uniandy_cool: i mean the layout

rf45inc: yes

rf45inc: its ok

rf45inc: cut can be better

rf45inc: if u need to make the height a little bigger its ok

rf45inc: so the folls details can show

rf45inc: its ok

rf45inc: but not too bigger

rf45inc: just a little

rf45inc: yes cut out img i easy

rf45inc: i know sir

rf45inc: im a fashion designer

rf45inc: lol

rf45inc: i work with illustrator n phootoshop 10+ hrs everyday

uniandy_cool: cool

rf45inc: so just do ur photoshop illustration n flash skills

rf45inc: make it hot

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: dont worry

uniandy_cool: do that have their logo?

rf45inc: ill make a new project on gaf

rf45inc: n send 2 u later

rf45inc: my logo?

uniandy_cool: their logo

rf45inc: ooooh u want to see my work?

rf45inc: my brand is LYDNER

uniandy_cool: the logo will be in This baner

rf45inc: oooh

rf45inc: ok

rf45inc: yes

rf45inc: make the logo

rf45inc: u make it

uniandy_cool: ok

rf45inc: make thim a company brand logo

rf45inc: with the crown on top

rf45inc: make the cron glow or sparkle plz

rf45inc: have a effect

uniandy_cool: what's their company name?

rf45inc: FashionDOllEmpire

uniandy_cool: compnay name will be in logo?

rf45inc: Doll

rf45inc: yes

uniandy_cool: ok, let me try

rf45inc: k

rf45inc: dont try just do it

rf45inc: like nike


rf45inc: ill do the eaf in a few

rf45inc: im gunna eat

rf45inc: brb

uniandy_cool: ok

Evner: Adobe Flash

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