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We need a system that give to our customer a way to open a pfd, look at it and generate some rectangular areas (those areas are just a set of coords x1-y1,x2-y2); those areas will be used (on another project) for open the pdf file and write on it.

FLASH 1: rectangular areas design

This flash is designed to allow a user to generate areas that will be "edited" in a PDF.

The user, with this instrument, should be able to:

1) see a pdf document (page per page)

2) create, for each page, more areas: each area is a pair of coordinates (x1-y1 ,x2-y2, a rectangle).

These areas may have characteristics.

At the moment, these characteristic are:

* zone type (text, image)

* "repetition" of the area ( "only the current page", "all pages", "current page and above").

3) save (and load) the data on server (calling a scripts that will be developed by us using your specifications)

FLASH 2: insertion in pdf

This flash is designed to allow a user to save the information that will be used form modify a pdf (according to configurations created with the flash previous year).

The user, with this instrument, should be able to:

1) see all the pages of the showed pdf

2) for each page that has editable areas, allow the user to insert its content (the flash will get the configuration of the current pdf by the server: the information are the same that the "flash 1" sends to the server)

* Texts: with a minimum of text formatting. A Text can be choosen by a set of text available on server (the flash can get the texts via XML) or not.

* Pictures: choose an image from a list of images (with preview) loaded via xml on the server [id, name, location, etc.]. One advanced feature is let the user to insert one image on the fly (without get one image from the xml list): in this case the flash will send the image to the server (using something like the html form) and will get back the information he needs (like if the picture was in the xml list [id, name, location, etc.])

3) save all the data on the server.

The flash will send all the text/images used for edit the current PDF: it will send the ID of the information (if images or default text) and/or all the new texts that the user wrote on his configuration.

4) load all the data from the server

Pay attention: the generation of the PDF will be done by another tool, so it's not a feature to develop in this project.

/// NEW ///

I see no bid, so i try to change something.
It will be more simple if, instead of the PDF, you will use JPG images?
So the new informations are:
* the flash load, via xml, the list of IMAGES that are the pages of the current PDF.
* the flash let the user to create the rectangular areas on top of the images (instead of on top of the pdf pages)
(the images will be generated by our system).

If you bid, please explain if your bid is related to the project with this change.

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