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Flash 8 (.swf) Image presentation program required

We need a Flash 8 console which will accomplish the following:

We pass it 2 images as parameters. It will also take X-axis and Y-axis co-ordinates as single parameters. These co-ordinates will translate to an exact pixel on the image. If the parameter for a pixel is passed to the program, the pixel is removed and reveals the same pixel in the same location of the 2nd image. Also, I would like to pass a "Y"/"N" flag with each parameter showing a pixel location to identify something was hidden in that location. If it can be programmed to accept a numeric value too (in the Y/N flag), that would be great. It should therefore also take a single parameter of an image name to show an alternative image if the flag = Y.

But, If a numeric value is passed in the Y/N flag, then we want to display the numeric value when they magnify that pixel location (see next paragraph).

The main picture needs to have a box of 100 x 100 pixels which moves with the mouse. Upon clicking the mouse, the Flash program needs to display the exact 100 x 100 pixels enlarged (like a magnifying glass effect). In this screen, when the user mouses over one of 10000 pixels showing on screen, it will display the x/y co-ordinate location of that pixel as a text label attached to the pointer. This screen also needs a button to go back to the first screen so they can select a different box of 100 x 100 pixels.


a) 2 images (foreground image and background image). If background image is blank, background becomes white instead.

b) Y/N flag image (optional).

c) multiple pixel locations (may need to pass more than a million pixel locations to the flash - unless flash can connect to a MySQL database file and pick these locations out itself).

d) A Y/N flag parameter for each of the pixel locations being passed into the flash program. (Again, if flash can connect to the dB, this will be a field on the dB). If this field/parameter contains a numeric value then that number is to be displayed. If it contains a "Y" then the Y/N image (item b) will be displayed unless this is blank in which case it should be treated as a "N" and just show the exact pixel in that location for the background image.

Even if flash cannot connect to the dB, this could be made available as a text file so Flash can retrieve the parameters from there

Full specification available to chosen provider upon completion of Non-disclosure agreement.

NB: Budget is an indication only - if you think it will cost more please bid and let me know.

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