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Application or making up skleton solution needed !


I need an applicatiion with wizards or skeleton source code with tutorials that will contain information how to in easy way create the thing below or a mix of both. The pre-programmed application with tutorial how to add things.

What I need is program that will help me create video courses with text informations and clickable tasks.

1. It should allow me to add recorded lessons in 1280 x 720 resolution. [url removed, login to view] or FLV or in any other format with good copression and quality. The choice is yours I will comply. Videos are with sound.

2. It should allow me to add lessons in text form. (pdf, doc or HTML)

3. It should allow me to add clicable content. For example I have a part of Windows in JPG format (a lot of photos) and I need to connect them so that user could click them as if it was real Windows. You can check an exeple I made in plane HTML on this addres [[url removed, login to view]].

As you can see as I have one JPG I have to select an area that will react on Click and Roll Over or Right Click Action. On some JPG's there can be many clickable areas. After clicking user should be redirected to another JPG.

3.1. Points

If you make a right click you get some points. If you click in wrong points are withdrowed. For example if you have to go to click on Control Panel you get + 5 points for clicking on it, and you get -2 point if you click elseware. If you have to right click on My Computer you get +5 points and menu pops up if you click outside the menu you come back to previus photo before right click and get -3 points. We must remenber not to add points if someone clicks twice on the same button right Control Pannel.

4. I need also be abble to add a,b,c,d tests with one answer good. User should be abble to take test only once.

5. I need to be abble to mix mentioned before parts in any order I want. By some wizard or in pre programmed source code id I get easy how to.

6. On a web server there should be an XML file with data, like email and password and date. When user starts the app it should connect to the XML file and chect the email, password and date. If all is OK, and date is futher compered too the date od the current day tha application launch.

7. Results in XML. When someone finishes a test hist results must be saved in the XML file, what is more we want to keep information whether he took the test or not i the XML file, and be abble to unlocke the test for him by editing XML file. So that if we change XML his desktop applications reacts on it. It is neccesaryy to edit XML to assure user can login.

8. Final result should be counted as well. If some one gains 70% possible points from tests and clickable simylations an email to me should be sent.

9. Interface: Look at the picture [[url removed, login to view]] the winner will get full resolution cutted pieces.

10. Good and easy to uderstand how to mus be provided.

As i said at the beginning I need or wizards application to genrerate such courses or skeleton source code (engine) and "how to" about how to add my items and connect them.

It does not have to be SUPER professional, it can be made on student level. It simply must some how work.

It can be done in C# (Visual Studio), SilverLight (Visual Studio) or Flash (Adobe Flash or Aligator).

Evner: .NET, Adobe Flash, C# Programmering, HMLT5, Silverlight

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