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This CD-ROM will accompany a magnetic jigsaw product. It will help with pronunciation plus reinforce the possible games to be played with the puzzle in an interactive format.

CD-ROM has three sections:

(I) Game

(II) Pronunciation

(III) Factoids

On loading the CD-ROM, a menu screen will be presented with the above three choices.

Game Section – Description of Content

Game 1: On selection of GAME option, player will be taken to a screen that shows a scene of a refrigerator in the foreground – old GE type model, like from the 60s – and indications of a kitchen in the background.

A magnetic tile of an animal will “stick’ onto the freezer part of the fridge. Make sound effect like magnet sticking onto fridge.

A VO will ask a question.

Then three more magnetic tiles will appear on the main fridge door. The tiles will show three text options for player to choose. On mouse-over of each tile, the appropriate word on the tile will be said. Player will click on the correct one. The correct choice will appear next to the image tile, and the name of the animal repeated with a VO saying the correct word.

When the wrong choice is made, the VO will ask player to try again.

Player will have 3 tries before correct answer is given.

There will be a total of 10 animals to guess. Player will have the option to GO BACK TO MAIN MENU or GO TO NEXT GAME at any time. Or the game will continue until all 10 animals are played.

Game 2: Same as above, except the following changes:

(a) The scene will switch to a whiteboard easel in the foreground with elements to represent a child’s playroom in the background.

(b) Instead of an image tile and a choice of words, it will be a word tile, and the player will have 3 choices of images.

Game 3: Same as above, except for the following changes:

(a) Scene will be a blackboard.

(b) First image shown will be the English word. It will be spelt out on the chalkboard – just like writing on a chalkboard.

(c) Player will have 3 choices to match it with the correct Chinese character.

(d) On selection of the correct character, instead of tie just appearing next to the English word, the character will be written out.

Game 4: Same as above, except for the following changes:

(a) Scene will be back to a magnetic white board.

(b) The first image will be an incomplete sentence.

(c) The missing part of the sentence will be represented by boxes with question marks in them.

(d) Choices for the correct missing part of sentences will be presented. 3 choices.

(e) Player will choose the correct one, click on it and it will be automatically dropped in place.

(f) VO will say the complete sentence.

(g) The will be a total of 3 missing parts of sentence. However, the game will be played over 6 times ie with 6 animals.

Pronunciation Section – Description of Content

The 10 animals will appear on the screen. Player has the choice to select any one. When moused-over, the image will be highlighted to indicate that they are about to select it.

When the player actually hits ENTER, the rest of the images will disappear (fade out) and the chosen image will zoom in to show a larger pix, and a VO will say the word. Text will also appear.

When completed, automatically goes back to the 10 choices for the next selection.

Factoid Section – Description of Content

Screen will show 10 animals, as in Pronunciation section. A VO will say: “Let’s learn about the animals!”

When animal is selected, rest of animals will fade out. Chosen animal will remain and enlarged. It will also have simple animation that will follow the script of the VO. For example, turtle is chosen. Vo will say: This is a turtle. Turtles have shells. (image will animate – shell of turtle may lift up and place down again – to indicate what the Vo is talking about). Turtles can swim. (animation will show turtle swimming in water – again very simplistic, two dimensional animation.) etc.

Each factoid will contain 5 sentences. Therefore each image will require 5 simple animation. Stress again – very simplistic animation.

Point to note overall: Appropriate sound effects and background music should be laid in.

--- End of Description ---

The maximum budget I have for this project is US$800/-.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Grafisk Design

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