Fighting Game in Flash

The specs for the game are listed below. We'll pay 500 U.S. Dollars for the first game developed matching the specs. We've lost more than 2 months on this project because of frauds and idiots, so don't expect any prepayment and understanding. Just simple buy&sell, you finish the project we pay you right on that moment. Good luck...

Fighting Game (Street Fighter alike) in Flash&Actionscript

The game will have the following features;

1. Characters will be controlled by keyboard

2. Special kicks, punches and actions with key combinations (a+d+w+up arrow for some special punch or kick for example)

3. Character choosing screen (on this screen the player will see the attributes of the character)

4. 4 or more characters (2 male, 2 female)

5. 1 High Kick, 1 Low Kick, 1 Direct Punch, 1 Hook Punch – Standard for every character

6. 4 Special actions for each character (1 combo, 1 really hard punch, 1 really hard kick)

7. Realistic looking physics (like when a fighter gets a hard hit, he/she’s thrown back and bounce from the ground a little, etc.)

8. Blood spills with every hit

9. Three indicators on top for each player, 1 for power, 1 for rage and 1 for games won.

10. When the player selects a fighter he fights with the rest of the gang like a multi level tournament.

11. Detailed explanation in the actionscript codes.

Færdigheder: Adobe Flash, Grafisk Design

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