Invest and get 100 - 300x back


I'm on a platform called steemit. You can blog, video, stream, develop apps etc...

I'm looking for people who want to invest:

the return on investment will be somewhere between x100-x300+ in the comming 1.5-2 year.

If you would wait longer it has potential to be much more.


The money (crypto - STEEM) keeps at any time in your own possesion, I have no acces to it.

Only you have the password and logincredentials.

---> the STEEM you will have in your possesion can be delegated to another person as STEEMPOWER:

meaning: It keeps in your possesion, i can't acces it.

By delegating the STEEM which is now STEEMPOWER to my account, I get more bandwitdh to upload content, upvote people, let people sign up trough resource credits etc.

This comes in very handy because I'm developing some gameplatforms and other apps.


you can convert the STEEMPOWER back to steem totally in 3 months time (1/13 every 7 days) if you would like to cash out. (if you don't have experience i can help you)

What is in it for you:

Price of STEEM fluctuated now between 0,40$ and 0.80$. With new developments comming (big ones) in the comming 6 months and the 3th wave of cryptoboom comming you will make tons of money.

The price now is arounf 0.70$/STEEM. Expected is price goes in the comming year/yearenhalf to around 100-600$ so that is quite some ROI if you ask me!

Worst case scenerio ---> you'd be getting x30-x50 on the money you invest. (lol)

Contact me if you are interested. I will guide you trough the proces of buying bitcoin, converting it into STEEM so it comes on your account (which i'll help you create).

I'm setting a price on this job to get visibility. if you apply , set a timeframe of 1-2 years :), no milestones because this is not the kind of job that works this way. And yes to reward paypal and follow the rules when you made so much money, and I was able to develop and deploy my apps I will send you some money trough freelancer. Keep in mind the real money is in the investment :)

I'm looking for some bigger investments.

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