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I am looking for experienced producers to shoot my action short film. The project involves creating a captivating and thrilling story within a duration of 10-20 minutes.


- Proven experience in producing action short films

- Knowledge of the action genre and its specific requirements

- Ability to work with a script that is still a work in progress, providing valuable input and suggestions

- Strong organizational and planning skills to ensure a smooth production process

- Access to necessary equipment and resources for shooting action scenes

- Collaborative mindset and ability to work with a team of actors and crew members to bring the vision to life

Ideal Skills and Experience:

- Previous experience in producing action short films, with a portfolio of successful projects

- Strong understanding of storytelling techniques and how to create tension and excitement in action scenes

- Ability to work within a limited budget and find creative solutions to achieve desired results

- Familiarity with post-production processes and knowledge of how to enhance the action sequences through editing and sound design

If you are a passionate producer with a knack for action storytelling, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous work and let me know your availability for the project. Let's create an action-packed short film that leaves the audience on the edge

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