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I am looking for someone to let me know WHERE i can go to find what I am looking for. It is a specific look. I call it, "classy hippie" but that's too "frumpy" to describe. I am 51, ultra conservative, over weight, i do not wear pants and i do not show my shoulders, my neck past a 3 finger from the nape of neck down, and every skirt (or dress) i wear is 2" or more below my knees. So, long layered, loose .. that's the style i am looking for. LONG blazers that cover my bottom, 3/4 sleeves, (They were popular in the early 90s' but, i think they would be popular now. Sizes that fit, not something that says, 'XL" but really is a size 4 ... i hate that. Girl look. I want to look like a girl, I want busy patterns because of my size, I am 5'6'' and all leg, short wasted, I like the drop waste that does not pronounce my bust line. I like vests, i like long BLOUSY BLOUSY sleeves ... high necks or not too low (remember the 3 finger rule) I like to show the neck line a little, because I LOVE BLING and i like my jewelry to lay on my skin. I make my own jewelry for the most part so, i know what i like there. I LOVE the sparkle, and the bling. CAN YOU help me out? I know many woman in this stuck mode. The styles cater to a select few size 4 or under and we are without decent wardrobes. Do not send me to Lane Bryant or Catherine's. They do not have but maybe 2 items that might appeal to me. They have no idea how to dress someone professional yet, classy, yet, a little (not a lot) younger for her age ... i can't explain it and i wish i could draw it ...

As for budget, I have NO IDEA ... YOU are more than welcome to take the credit for all of it. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is IT MUST be affordable, too ... I can't spend $32 on a cardigan .. $12 or $15 and i'll buy them in 10 colors ... Blazers, $20 and i'll buy them in all colors. Go for the "HIGH VOLUME" sales ... sell more .. maybe the quality is not Gucci, Who cares, It's YOURS ..

Thank you for your kind considerations and I look forward to hearing from you.


ilah hardesty (Long Beach, CA )

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