Salesforce to Power BI - build reporting suite

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Project Title: Salesforce to power BI - build reporting suite

Purpose of the reporting suite: Sales analysis and live reporting. I have an existing report in Excel that needs replicating in powerbi.

Existing data sets: Yes, I have existing data sets

I need the freelance to work with me to build this.


- Develop a reporting suite using Power BI and Salesforce to perform sales analysis.

- Use existing data sets provided by the client to generate insightful reports and visualizations.

- Collaborate with the client to understand their specific reporting requirements.

- Create custom dashboards, charts, and reports to analyze sales data and identify trends.

- Implement data cleaning and transformation processes to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

- Optimize the reporting suite for efficiency and performance.

- Provide training and documentation to the client on how to use and maintain the reporting suite.

Ideal skills and experience:

- Proficiency in Power BI and Salesforce.

- Strong knowledge of data analysis and visualization techniques.

- Experience in developing reporting suites for sales analysis.

- Ability to work with existing data sets and create additional data sets if needed.

- Familiarity with data cleaning and transformation techniques.

- Excellent communication and collaboration skills to understand and meet client requirements.

- Attention to detail and ability to deliver accurate and visually appealing reports and visualizations.

- Ability to provide training and

Excel Microsoft PowerBI SQL

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