Data Acquisition 25Ms/s

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Research (Phase 1),

need a AtoD solution, that

interfaces DMA to a typical computer (PCI/PCI-X/PCIe) 64bit mobo.

(could be intel/amd processor).

Must mount compact (i.e. riser L card?), or via cable?

Must work with Linux OS, and programmable fully by C.

Most important, must be able to capture analog and convert to

digital (10,12,16 bit?), at 25Ms/s or higher (even to 100Ms/s.

Solution may be custom build?

Solution should not be expensive, i.e. if a off-the-self exists for

1000.00$ that would be the solution (for this phase), if

its $5000.00, then one needs to seriously look at custom build.

In a future phase, a custom build will happen, to mass produce this

and at a cheap cost. i.e. 100-400$ US for a pci-? card, suited to a refined task.

At this stage in the project, (Phase 1), all is required is research.

What products out there, if any, can do this, and for how much?

If expensive, is the next phase a custom build.

Other issues like differential sampling (verses reference), and

protection of the electronics to damage also have to be considered.

Also, a combination of slower A2D's is not acceptable, it must be a single input able to sample 25Ms/s+.

This spec. can be expanded upon if need be (bidder has more questions)

Future phases will include software development, and custom build

(based on findings of this phase).

Extra consideration may be given to bidders who have abilities to take on future phases.

Will probably except multiple bidders, to have benfit of two or more

people working on it, so nothing is missed.

I can except a single bid on this one, and issue another project to another bidder.

Money will be placed in escrow.

Except delivery in 2-3 parts, and release of escrow same.

i.e. (1) initial possibilities

(2) short list

(3) results including contact with vendors and/or data sheets etc.

project budget can lead to more if tasks become more involved.

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