Adjustable dc-dc driver for 150+ W CoB LED array

The proposed task includes design and prototyping of adjustable dc-dc driver for CoB LED array


- light source: BXRC-40E10K0-C-7X

”typical” max: 69V; 1,7A ; 120W, planned abs max: 72V; 2,6A; 150-185W

- power source: Power bank, li-ion 18650 cells like LG INR18650MJ1: 3500mAh 3,7V, 10A;

Battery: 50V charged, 36V discharged (cell 4,2...3V, 16 pc, 2 x 8S )

- LED array driver:

boost, Vin min > 18V; Vin max >50; Vout max >=72; Iout max >2.5A;

+ dimming from zero up to 150+W (at abs max power driver works usually for a few minutes, from time to time, most time is important smooth dimming on lower scale 30..120W)

+driver must have an feedback loop to prevent overheating of array. There must be a power correction if the temperature rises above T1 ° C until it is completely switched off at temperatures above T2 ° C

+there must be possible cooperation with the battery control module (to switch power to "battery low" mode when the voltage falls to X, and switch off when is reached the discharge limit)

- scope includes simple dimming control unit

Looking for someone who can:

- create a specification: description, what I have at the end of project (mandatory 1. milestone)

Spec must include discussed requirements to power bank

- design the circuit and PCB

- build and test the prototype

Please provide a preliminary description of the (simplified) functionality and estimate its cost.

What do you mean about:

- LM3424Q1?

- BXRC-40E10K0-B-7X as alternative to ...C... (B "typical" is 52V)?

I have some previous experience with this kind of light. The purpose of this project is to develop a new, third prototype, using the newly introduced CoB arrays on the market.

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