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Hi, Along with a price and timescale could you provide me with links to previous related works. Please see brief below. Thanks Dan The website should have the following features included within it for the front end. Navigation Search Section for products. The website should have similar spec to [url removed, login to view] on the left hand side of the website. So if a person click on vibrators they get the different buttons presented this is similar in the [url removed, login to view] On the top there should be navigation like the one in The website welcome page/home page should have there or for sections that can be changed for pictures to go with seasonal fluctuation. The right hand side will be similar to the ones mentioned above on the right side there or left there will also be section like the one in [url removed, login to view] There will be the need to avoid scrolling and friction to avoid this there will be a medium next page button from the top of the first product down to the last and a back page button this should be removable if it does not prove to be effective. There will also be ones at the top and the bottom as on the other sites. Product pages There will be a top bar that will allows products to be listed by price like in [url removed, login to view] a person can have view by description or view by thumbnails. Page can go back ward and forwards while also skipping pages. The products will have on them RRP the price we sell at and how much the consumer saves. There will be two option on each product more information or add to basket as there is on most of the site. The ability to cross sell products when viewing them on the page. Such as the ones in the example website. There should be a members section where people can sing up and become members they can login view past orders it will offer a 10% discount. People will sing up using their email address and receive automated discount code or link. To be including in the site is the obvious thing such as contact us about us and all other sections that are normally on an ecommerce site. Breadcrumb Navigation so customers never get lost when visiting your store. A Page History can also be displayed to show the customer a list of pages that have already visited. Product Ordering There will be the ability to cross sell and up sell complimentary products in the shopping cart as well. The information within the order page will also be safely transmitted on to the credit card order form or the ssl pages of the ppc will be integrated so the user only has to enter their details once. Product ordering pages will included the facility of post office search this will an option of where the customer can pickup their item from the post office if possible this will be integrated into the database where it will have .CIF file loaded on to the site where the customer can search through the database fir their nearest post office. [url removed, login to view] if you can reskin this section of the site and make it look like mine in the order pages without the customer noticing and then giving them the ability to select their nearest post office. Affiliate Program There will be affiliate program the percentage can change as we specily 25 % to start with. The service specifics run your very own online sex shop under your domain. Every single image on the site can be changed to accommodate your own branding. Welcome text and style sheets can be changed The service can be integrated into an existing web site using a frame set You can specify what you do and do not want to sell from our entire range of products We process all the payments and maintenance and forward your commission from sales. Sales & commission reports online. Using our advanced technology you can seamlessly integrate your own website with our online shopping catalogue. People can order catalogues, as well IP address will be captured if this section is due for malicious purposes. The other feature of the site. List your products on Froogle using the automatic Froogle export! Create search-engine-friendly web stores Send individual, group or campaign e-mails to your customers using HTML e-mail Set discounts based on a shopper's total order value Offer a free gift, free shipping, percentage and fixed amount discounts Create product bundles using Product Kitting Deliver. Backend The ability to remove adds products sections create new ones take away old ones. There will be the ability to download members list and email them as well also the same with affiliates. There will be a separate extension URL that will give the ability for a call centre to take orders without looking at the products. The ability to add a Royal mail tacking number to each receipt so they can see if they have received their goods or where they are in the system. The website will also be able to issue discount vouchers ones that can be advertised in magazines they will be of monetary value or percentage discounts. The later is more likely. There will be the ability to add multiple emails as well. The website will also have the ability to be duplicated on to different domain names with the ability to takeaway the products and wholesale sections once the site is created. Hosting Payment The hosting will be done on either a dedicated for shared server that is specified by the needs of the designers but hosting fees etc will be taken car of y my self. The payment processor will be secpay secure trading or world pay. There will need to integration with a processing bank such as hsbc. Site Design Site that I like the look of and some ideas. [url removed, login to view],,83577,[url removed, login to view] The flower part of the site is good. The functions and flow of [url removed, login to view] is good. There would be good element of having some kind button that glow when the cursor is over the word in the product tree or animations that plays in the background of it. The colours should be natural but different by design site I like are mentioned below and the one above. SEO The website is to be highly specified for SEO and there will be total costing for this on one years basis as well as targets set and explanations of how this will take place. Uploading Products All products for the store will be cross checked with that of other suppliers duplicates will be removed then uploaded with pictures. This will be supplied in two ways csv file and xml. The prices will be set from having the price of the product between that of the lowest of the mentioned supplier and that of the highest. The price will be 25% lower that the highest when there are multiple supplier otherwise will be same as the suppliers site. The suppliers and rival are [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] also [url removed, login to view] There will be three different sized pictures for the products as in [url removed, login to view] Statistics To aid in marketing there will need fully integrated stats system then included information on ROI and information on each individual pages visited by users as well as drop off points as well USP information etc. Summary Please provide information of what you propose whether a boxed solution or bespoke please also price for the two different options. You may also use open source as specified by osCommerce. Boxed solutions include but your are not limited to erol actinc I am open to any further information of what will be suitable route that is justified also highlighting any positive or negative aspects of the project. To be include in the final costing is the cost of the programming of the site separate form the design as I may have designer in mind also as a separate price is SEO. The website should also be easy for any programmer or designer outside the organisation to update and change the site. Please also provide the length of time this will take you to do.


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