Supervison and logging of cable percussion boreholes

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Supervision and Logging of Cable Percussion Boreholes

I am looking for a skilled professional who can assist me with the supervision and logging of cable percussion boreholes for a geotechnical investigation project. The ideal candidate should have experience in geotechnical engineering and be familiar with the process of cable percussion drilling.

Key requirements for the project include:

- Geotechnical Investigation: The purpose of the cable percussion boreholes is to conduct a thorough geotechnical investigation. The candidate should have a strong background in geotechnical engineering and be able to provide accurate and detailed logging of the boreholes.

- Depth of Boreholes: The expected depth of the boreholes is 40 meters. The candidate should have experience in drilling boreholes of this depth and be able to ensure the accuracy and safety of the drilling process.

- Timeline: The desired timeline for completing the boreholes is 1-2 weeks. The candidate should be able to work efficiently and effectively to meet this deadline.

- Logging and Reporting: The candidate should be proficient in logging and reporting the data collected from the boreholes. This includes recording soil and rock samples, water levels, and other relevant information.

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