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Combine 3 relational files to one flat files

Combine 3 relational files to one flat files and add some measures in order to make reporting faster

The tables are in advantage data files from Sybase (server and Local server)

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This job deals with 3 files:

TmpCalc –Sales Tickets details

Prdmstr –Product Master

MixHD – Mix and Match

And a new file [login to view URL] - Daly Sales

The job is to transform the files into a flat file each row to have the sum sales of a given product in a day and other attributes from the product file and some measures

The measures includes:

Quantity Sold

Quantity Returns

$ sales

$ Returns

highest price sold

Quan sold @ highest price

Lowest price sold

Quan Lowest price

Average price

Count sold with other prices (maybe there is another way of giving this valuable info like the price mostly used, or the 3 main prices and their count and then other prices and their count)


Profit $

Profit %

Also date dimensions would be added like;

Day of week



Week of year

If Cost is different in 2 records for same item for same day in Tmpcalc then a separate record should be created.

Job would run once an hour as a scheduled task and only update the records that was not updated yet.

We are adding a field LsUpdated in Tmpcalc that will contain DateTime of last change made. ETL should keep a DateTime of last reocrd imported [max(LsUpdated)] and import all records with a later LsUpdated value.

The sales person could go back and edit a old ticket this is why if a ticket is edited after it is already in the [login to view URL] the next time it is being updated all of the tickets with this item, date and cost has to be recalculated

If the tmpcalc->code is empty or not found in [login to view URL] then use tmpcalc->Desc

In order to be granted this job we would need a demo (could be compiled in some way or time limited) and we would test it on our data you could use some SQL script or a ETL program, currently we use pentaho for ETL jobes and Delphi for our apps.

i would send you a link for the data files and its layout

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