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Personalized Yoga Recommendation & Correction System

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₹5000-13000 INR

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As a yoga enthusiast, I want to create a system that will accelerate how yoga is taught and learned with the help of technology. By using computer vision techniques, particularly convolutional neural networks (CNN), we should enable our yoga system to: - Extract Key Points: By accurately identifying key points in a yoga pose, we can help users correct their pose and get the most out of their yoga session. This will be integral for ensuring a proper and effective yoga workout. Experts in pose estimation and machine learning would be ideal for this task. - Personalized Feedback: We want any corrections to the user's pose to be communicated effectively and clearly. Key to this will be using visual cues displayed on-screen. Therefore, experience in UI/UX design would be an added advantage. - Mood-based Recommendations: The yoga system should be able to tailor its yoga pose recommendations based on the user's mood. Capabilities should include recommending poses for stress relief, energy boosting, promoting calm and relaxation, as well as catering to when the user feels sad or happy. Ideal candidates for this project should have a solid understanding of emotional AI or mood detection technologies. With your expertise, we will be able to create a Yoga system that, through personalized feedback, enhances the yoga experience for all users, regardless of their mood or progress level.
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I am eager to contribute to your transformative Yoga system project. Leveraging my expertise in CNN, machine learning, and UI/UX design, I envision a system that delivers accurate pose estimation, ensuring users receive precise feedback for optimal performance. Our commitment to innovation, demonstrated by a proven track record, guarantees a cutting-edge solution that evolves with the latest advancements. The heart of our proposal lies in creating an intuitive interface, where visual cues provide clear feedback, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, our incorporation of emotional AI enables the system to recommend personalized yoga poses aligned with the user's mood, offering a holistic and tailored approach to each session. I am excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to bring this vision to life, ensuring your Yoga system sets a new standard in technology-enhanced wellness experiences. Thank you.
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With over 15 years of experience in cutting-edge data analysis and image processing, I am more than equipped to handle your yoga system project. My skillset encompasses the very areas you've highlighted as key to the project's success. The use of convolutional neural networks, specifically for understanding motion and pose recognition will be vital in accurately identifying key points in a yoga pose. As a bonus, I also possess extensive knowledge in computer vision techniques such as face recognition that can truly deepen the potential of this system. One exceptional aspect of my profile lies in my ability to not only process data accurately but also communicate it effectively through UI/UX design. This feature aligns harmoniously with your requirement for personalized feedback communicated via visual cues on-screen; an element that is often overlooked but vital for a user-friendly experience. Beyond aptitude, I bring the passion and creative drive that fuel projects like yours - projects designed to stretch the boundaries of what we know and benefit users intrinsically. With this combination of expertise, strong work ethic, passion, and creativity, I am confident that together we can create a yoga system that takes personalization to unprecedented levels fostering an enhanced yoga experience for all users regardless of mood or progress level.
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Hi I reviewed your project description and understood your requirement to develop a cutting-edge Yoga system leveraging CNN-based computer vision for accurate pose identification and personalized feedback, along with mood-based pose recommendations utilizing emotional AI technology, ensuring an enhanced yoga experience for users of all levels and moods. My robust technical skills include following: Python Machine Learning Deep Learning AI Django Image Processing Computer Vision NLP Langchain, OpenAI LLMs NLTK OpenCV PyTorch TensorFlow Keras etc. with over 5 years of experience as Software Engineer, with an emphasis on Deep Learning, I will be the best fit for your requirement. Let's connect via chatroom here for further discussion related to the project features in details. Eager to work with you. Kind Regards, Dinjan Infotech Team
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I can create Personalized Yoga Recommendation & Correction System. I am a freelancer having 7 years of experience in Python Language Development. I'm having the following skills in python: ◈ Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in python ◈ R programming ◈ Jupyter notebook and Google Colab ◈ Data structures and Algorithms ◈ Web development with frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Streamlit and others ◈ Machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence ◈ Database integration, including SQL and NoSQL ◈ Data analysis and visualizations ◈ Text processing and natural language processing, Tokenization ◈ Debugging and troubleshooting ◈ Functional programming ◈ Tkinter I hope I'm a good candidate for your project. I will deliver your project on time with quality assurance at affordable price. Please message me so that we can discuss more about your project.
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Flag for INDIA
Chennai, India
Medlem siden feb. 19, 2024


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