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Excel to SPPS data transfer

I have lots of data in a spreadsheet and I need to be able to copy the data into another programme (SPSS). However I have a problem.

At the moment, the report I have has the data in rows however some of the cells in the row are not populated with any data.

I need to be able to copy the row, and paste only the cells with data in them into a new excel sheet.

I have tried filtering, but you can only filter by column and my data is laid out in rows i.e.


Male (cell A1) or Female (cell A2)


16 - 24 (cell A3) or 25 - 34 (cel A4)

In the above, in my spreadsheet I have a system where the value 1 represents male and 2 represents female. For age, 16-24 is equal to 1 and 25-34 is equal to 2.

If Row 1 is a male of age 17, if I copy and paste the data into a sheet, it will copy as 1,0,1,0. I need it to copy as 1,1 skipping any blank cells. I have hundreds of rows and columns of data!

I need someone who can do this quite urgently, either give me the data so I can put it into SPSS or generate the finished SPSS file for me


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