200 thumbnails, 200 movies, 200 submits

- Money will be escrowed halfway through project, and released upon completion of project, and when we are 100% satisfied with the results

Summary of project outline:

Worker will visit 200 websites, find the sponsor page, sign up for the sponsor program, create a thumbnail,

and a movie, make a spreadsheet entry with the proper information. This is no small task, attention to detail

is required for all submissions/data mining.

- Must be familar with Photoshop

- Must be familar with video editing/creating software

- Must own video editing software

- Must have proper english skills

- Must be able to provide skype or telephone support if needed

- Must be able to follow exact instructions

- Must be willing to do a sample of 5 entrys to the spreadsheet, as well as 5 thumbnails and 5 movies.

- Experience with adult webmaster programs is definitely an asset

- Experience with word press submitting an asset.

Description of spreadsheet:

Worker will create an excel spreadsheet with the following columns:


Sponsor Name

Sponsor URL

URL to site




link code


Gallery urls

Thumbnail filename

Movie Filaname

- Worker will visit approx 200 websites and find the webmaster or sponsoring page.

- We will provide you a list of approx 200 adult websites

- Sign up for the webmaster program (we will provide contact details like name, address, email address etc)

- Fill out the categories in the spreadsheet for each site.

- Title is the First and last name of the model being featured if no last name then just first name.

- Sponsor Name is the Name of the sponsor/webmaster/affiliate program

- Sponsor URL is the URL of the sponsor/webmaster/affiliate program

- URL of the pay site (The models site, not the webmaster program)

- The username you signed up with

- The password for the username

- Tags will include one option for ethnicity (Asian, Black, Caucasion, Latin, Indian), one for hair (Bald,

Blonde, Brunette, Red Head, Other), one for Boobs (Small, Medium, Large), one for Age (Teen, Twenties, Milf,

Grannies) as well as any other tags that fit/describe the movie/website/model that are in the tags spreadsheet

(We will provide this) Tags should also include name of the girls website if its not just her name.

- The linking code (affiliate code ex: [url removed, login to view]) you get from the webmaster area of the sponsor page, for this site.

- Description of the model featured (Must be accurate and creative)

- Description and Title is less than 75 characters

- Gallery urls separated by commas, (not all sites will have these) The best 3-6 gallerys found in the webmaster area,

hand pick these, don't just grab the first 3, grab the best ones for each site.

- Thumbnail filename will be made up of the models first and last name separated by hyphens, plus use the ethnicity,

hair, boobs and age keywords ex: [url removed, login to view]

- Movie filename same filenaming concept as the thumbnail

Description of Thumbnails

- Download and save the best thumbnail from the gallerys with the best waste up pose. This is very important to find

a thumbnail that the girl looks the best in, must be provocative and entice people to click it.

- Photoshop thumbnail with auto levels, auto contrast, auto color, sharpening etc IF NEEDED. Some thumbnails may

need little or no retouching. Dont apply as a macro (Use your PS skills to make the thumbnail look good)

- Resize to 225 x 175

Description of Movies

- If there are no movies offered in the webmaster area then create a FLV or animated gif or other file type with fade

in/fade out effects, bluring etc from still pictures found on the galleries and in the webmaster area for that girl/model.

- If there are sample movies offered in the webmaster area for the site:

- Create a 60-90 second WMV or FLV

- Movie will be made from a combination of available clips

- An example of this would be 15 seconds of softcore action, 15 seconds of a striptease, 15 seconds of more softcore,

15 seconds of some hardcore action, 10 seconds of the money shot etc etc. Be creative, chop it up, make a good movie clip

(Use your video editing skills)

- Money shot must be cut halfway, or piece together a few different money shots from different scenes to show a

provocative yet choppy preview. (do the same with hardcore section of video)

- Finished movie will be 5 megs or less (this can be negotiated, we want good quality movies, no grainyness, smallest

file size possible, WMV or FLV only)


Most of these fields will just be cut and pasted from your excel spreadsheet.

- Fill out models name for title

- Fill out description of model, at the same time, fill in the option excerpts field, with this same description

- Choose which letter the models name starts with (list of letters with check boxes on right hand side)

- Fill out the tags, comma separated

- Upload thumbnail image, no title or description needed

- It will show up in the browse all tab, right click it, get the url for it.

- Enter this url into the 'Add custom fields' area as thumbnail (select from the drop down)

- Click add custom field

- Add custom field for url (from drop down) the value for this is the linkcode for this site

- Click add custom field

- Add custom field for gallerys ( for each gallery) select gallery from the drop down use the gallery url for the value

- Repeat for each gallery.

- Click on upload tab

- Upload Movie, choose 3-4 words for the title (suggestion is to use the ethnicity/hair/boobs/age keywords)

- Click upload

- Navigate to podcasting

- Click add media file

- Fill in location with the url of the movie, get this by right clicking the movie/link (same preocedure as the thumbnail)

- Select the type of file

- Click auto detect size

- Preview image url will always be [url removed, login to view]

- Dimensions will be 510 X 383 pixels

- Check RSS2 and Atom check boxes

- Make sure disable player and disable preview player are UNCHECKED

- Optional excerpt will be same as description

- No trackback

- Click publish (near the top of the page, under the tags and description fields)

When you apply please dont just send a cut and paste resume. Explain to me what you can do for me. Explain to me

that you have the proper skills to complete this task efficiently and to our satisfaction.

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