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The first task

The first task is to search the internet for mail addresses of avian veterinarians. These are veterinarians that specialize in treating birds. There are many vets that will list that they treat dogs, cats, birds, etc. I am not looking for those. I am looking for vets that specifically call themselves avian vets or avian veterinarians. What Can be USA or international but website must be in English.

The second task

The second task is to search the internet for parrot breeders that breed a specific type of parrot (from the list below). The list you produce should include their mail address, the type of parrot listed below and their website where they say the breed this type of parrot. Can be USA or international but website must be in English.

Myers parrots

Moluccan cockatoos

Illiger macaw

Citron cockatoos

Major Mitchell cockatoo

Blue crown conure

Hahns macaw

Triton cockatoo

Sulphur crested cockatoo

Sulfur crested cockatoo

Ducorps cockatoo

greenwing macaw

goffin cockatoo

timneh african grey

blue and yellow macaw (these are often called blue and gold macaw but I'm only looking for breeders that list Blue and Yellow macaw)

hahns macaw

ruby macaw

ledbetter cockatoo

rose breasted cockatoo

scarlet macaw

mitred conure

Blue crowned conure

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