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as discussed

ok, anothe rmenu item, hover over photo-video

[5:07:55 AM] steve jones: you see the menu pops up to the left of the menu

[5:08:06 AM] steve jones: can we have that appear right under the photo-cideo menu?

[5:09:13 AM] steve jones: so two easy menu items

[5:09:15 AM] steve jones: then..

[5:09:43 AM] steve jones: i have the plugin installed called cimy user extra fields

[5:09:52 AM] steve jones: it creates extra fields for user profies

[5:10:09 AM] steve jones: if you login and go here

[5:10:10 AM] steve jones: [url removed, login to view];wp_http_referer=%2Fnewsite%2Fwp-admin%[url removed, login to view]%3Fs%3Dshannon%26action%3D-1%26new_role%26paged%3D1%26action2%3D-1

[5:10:24 AM] steve jones: and scroll down, you will see lots of tick boxes etc..

[5:11:20 AM] steve jones: you see?

[5:12:20 AM] The Awesome Coder: 1 min

[5:12:23 AM] The Awesome Coder: chekin

[5:14:00 AM] The Awesome Coder: r there some more wrk?

[5:14:25 AM] steve jones: yes

[5:14:49 AM] steve jones: you see there is an area there for treks, ie: everest, vail rocks, kauia rocks, etc etc?

[5:15:06 AM] steve jones: those are the charity treks the user has been on

[5:15:51 AM] steve jones: you see what i mean?

[5:16:01 AM] The Awesome Coder: k

[5:17:07 AM] steve jones: ok

[5:17:22 AM] steve jones: so what i need is a query to show what treks that user has appeared on.

[5:17:31 AM] steve jones: to appear on the screen you edited yesterdat

[5:17:42 AM] The Awesome Coder: k

[5:18:05 AM] steve jones: for example [url removed, login to view]

[5:18:23 AM] steve jones: the treks they have attended will appear in the column you made yesterday

[5:18:32 AM] The Awesome Coder: ic

[5:18:47 AM] steve jones: the query for cimy users is very easy.. it is here [url removed, login to view]

[5:18:57 AM] steve jones: $value = get_cimyFieldValue($user_id, $field_name, [$field_value]);

[5:19:20 AM] steve jones: we just need to check all the trek fields and then show the one that has been ticked

[5:19:22 AM] steve jones: make sense?

[5:19:38 AM] The Awesome Coder: yeah

[5:19:46 AM] steve jones: cool

[5:19:51 AM] steve jones: oh and one final thing

[5:20:05 AM] steve jones: [url removed, login to view]

[5:20:21 AM] steve jones: you see the menu item on the right is not sitting correct on the menu?

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