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We are looking for a CRM solution for our apple and windows computers internal network. The CRM should be best built with filemaker and be online available too. All data need to be available in a off- and online, synchronisation is needed.

Filemaker offers a range of already prepared modules, which can be combined.

The following parts are needed for our customized solution:

client management / client history

document support in the client history

email correspondence also need to be in the clients history

project management (tasks, who is in charge), project history

phone notes

serial email

campaign support

at least we need all common feature which you have also on sales force or iDeal CRM


Please forget filemaker.


[10.02.2011 22:55:39] Jan Kricheldorf: we need a office solution
[10.02.2011 22:56:09] Jan Kricheldorf: which is set on our server
[10.02.2011 22:56:23] Jan Kricheldorf: macs and windows computer are accessing the database
[10.02.2011 22:56:53] Jan Kricheldorf: it would be great also to enable an online version
[10.02.2011 22:56:56] Jan Kricheldorf: if possible
[10.02.2011 22:57:04] Mohana Chattopadhyay VTIGER: ok
[10.02.2011 22:57:22] Jan Kricheldorf: actually we need to disable some functions like invoice and personality
[10.02.2011 22:57:25] Jan Kricheldorf: we need
[10.02.2011 22:57:33] Jan Kricheldorf: a) client management
[10.02.2011 22:57:38] Jan Kricheldorf: b) adress management
[10.02.2011 22:57:47] Jan Kricheldorf: c) projectmanagenmet
[10.02.2011 22:57:58] Jan Kricheldorf: d) document and file management
[10.02.2011 22:58:12] Jan Kricheldorf: we are a small video production
[10.02.2011 22:58:18] Jan Kricheldorf: and our workflow is like this
[10.02.2011 22:58:27] Jan Kricheldorf: clients order video productions
[10.02.2011 22:58:38] Jan Kricheldorf: the work is parted in:
[10.02.2011 22:58:53] Jan Kricheldorf: 1. preparation, research and briefing
[10.02.2011 22:59:03] Jan Kricheldorf: 2. production
[10.02.2011 22:59:09] Jan Kricheldorf: 3. postproduction
[10.02.2011 22:59:12] Jan Kricheldorf: 4. corrections
[10.02.2011 22:59:32] Jan Kricheldorf: 5. closing the project (invoice)
[10.02.2011 22:59:50] Jan Kricheldorf: we have already an accounting software
[10.02.2011 23:00:14] Jan Kricheldorf: It would be great so finde a synchronication interface
[10.02.2011 23:00:17] Jan Kricheldorf: means
[10.02.2011 23:00:29] Jan Kricheldorf: budget details and client details are exported
[10.02.2011 23:00:46] Jan Kricheldorf: and can be imported from the accounting software
[10.02.2011 23:01:04] Jan Kricheldorf: let me explain you something more the production process
[10.02.2011 23:01:17] Jan Kricheldorf: I'm the head of the company
[10.02.2011 23:01:25] Jan Kricheldorf: get a call or an email
[10.02.2011 23:01:36] Jan Kricheldorf: with a request for a production
[10.02.2011 23:01:42] Jan Kricheldorf: I will interview the client
[10.02.2011 23:01:53] Jan Kricheldorf: and post information for the calculation
[10.02.2011 23:02:03] Jan Kricheldorf: then I quote the project and send an offer
[10.02.2011 23:02:32] Jan Kricheldorf: when the offer is accepted by our client
[10.02.2011 23:02:46] Jan Kricheldorf: I start to prepare the project
[10.02.2011 23:03:08] Jan Kricheldorf: team members will get in charge to research or to collect information
[10.02.2011 23:03:16] Jan Kricheldorf: they schedule the production
[10.02.2011 23:03:27] Jan Kricheldorf: sometimes three or more members are involved
[10.02.2011 23:03:42] Jan Kricheldorf: they all need to be up to date regarding a project
[10.02.2011 23:03:59] Jan Kricheldorf: when the times, deadlines and processes are clear
[10.02.2011 23:04:33] Jan Kricheldorf: the shooting team will contact maybe persons who will be shooted
[10.02.2011 23:04:48] Jan Kricheldorf: the schedule a shooting time
[10.02.2011 23:04:56] Jan Kricheldorf: and the shooting starts
[10.02.2011 23:05:40] Jan Kricheldorf: after the shooting the footage must be transported to our internal disk
[10.02.2011 23:05:46] Jan Kricheldorf: server disk
[10.02.2011 23:06:21] Jan Kricheldorf: the need to make clear for all project members where the shooting footage is beeing saved
[10.02.2011 23:06:51] Jan Kricheldorf: then the postproduction starts
[10.02.2011 23:07:13] Jan Kricheldorf: someone will be in charge with editing another one will be in charge in overvoicing
[10.02.2011 23:07:26] Jan Kricheldorf: when the video is done
[10.02.2011 23:07:40] Jan Kricheldorf: the head of production needs to be informed that the video is ready
[10.02.2011 23:07:49] Jan Kricheldorf: the client gets informed

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im work on vtiger crm + crm related projects.

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Please see PMB

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are you familiar with Instant Web Publising from FMP? Is that what you want with the solution you are after? I can help you with the solution if you send me the fields you want to use in the CRM.

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