CRE Loaded 6.2 Single page Checkout

I currenly have Worldpay and Paypal for taking orders on my site



Streamline checkout procedure on CRE Loaded 6.2

The complete checkout procedure should all occur on a single page.

The right hand column (on the checkout page) should " DISAPPEAR " and be used to give more space FOR CHECKOUT INFORMATION.

The checkout page should be very easy for a customer to follow wnd very clear as to what the customer needs to do.

Below is a guide as to how I think it should be done but I am open to suggestions as to the layout as log as it it very clear to the customer.

At top of page


Please enter your details below, you do not need an account to make a purchase, but if you have one

then login and your address details will be automatically filled in for you. [ login] [password]

Select Country - drop down country selection ( default to UK )

Shipping Type


This should default to - Recorded delivery UK whenever UK is the selected country. And no

other options should be given to UK customers for delivery.

Otherwise " WORLD ZONE " rates should be shown

Payment type


Choice of any set up in /admin as radio buttons

This should include graphics of payment methods to indicate what the choice means as well as text.

Currently the following payment methods are set up




Address Entry for Billing


FirstName,LastName,E-mail, address, address2, PostalCode, City, state/county

Address Entry for Delivery


check box if delivery is the same - auto populate when checked using billing address

Comments Box


In addition to above I currently receive e-mails from the server when I get an order as follows

Order Process check

Order Process worldpay

Order Process paypal

I must continue to receive these emails with correct delivery, customer e-mail address and details of the order placed.

This is a live site and so this must be taken into account when considering the project.

I will release escrow one week after completion of work, the tes of whether the project is complete will be to make test transactions and for all transactions to process without error and with all the information passed to the payment processor, as well as e-mailed to myself upon succesful transaction.

I use the administration console for customer updates and need to have a separate query in customer orders for " Failed Transactions" and need a separate e-mail with a subject line " Failed Transaction "

Bear in mind that whilst Paypal and Worldpay are working at taking customer orders, there may be modifications to both payment systems required to achieve ALL the above.


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