Backgammon (Very simple version in C++)

You can consult Google for the rules and how to play Backgammon.


Backgammon is a classic board game. Each player rolls dice and then uses the numbers shown to move a set of counters around a board. The rules of the game determine which moves are valid and which moves are illegal. This project ignores the problem of implementing a computer player, you will only need to implement a version that two human players can use by taking turns. You will need a form of user input (keyboard or mouse can be appropriate). You will need to maintain the state of the game (e.g counter positions, current dice values). You will need to check the validity of moves that the players try to make against the rules of the game. Only legal moves should be allowed, and illegal moves should be rejected.

1)A project diary shall be written

2)Functioning and well-documented application built according to object-oriented


3)Diagram describing the component classes and their relationships

4)A simple graphical user interface

5)File management (if relevant)

6) Consists of at least five user-defined classes

Evner: C++ Programmering

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