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This job is the construction of text files to accompany a computer vocabulary instruction program for students. The job involves no programming, but the writing of definitions, synonyms, and example sentences for words used in the program. The definitions and sentences should be different enough from any published anywhere that there is no issue of copyright infringement. The computer program presents a sentence with blanks, and several words with their definitions; the task of the student is to select the word that fits best into the blank.

The “input” that you, the service provider, will be given is simply a list of words, for example:




The “output” for you to supply to the service buyer is text in the following format:



adj. having more than one possible meaning

syn unclear, cryptic, obscure, indistinct, vague

His statement, "Waste no time in admitting Ezra to your class," was _____; we couldn't tell whether he wanted Ezra accepted quickly, or rejected.

The candidate did not want to commit himself on the issue, so she gave a(n) _____ answer to the question.

The sentence, “John talked with Ted about his problems” is _____ because we can’t tell whether the problems being talked about are John’s or Bill’s.



v. correct an error in; make improvements in; change

syn change, modify, rephrase, improve, edit, revise

With enough votes, it is possible for the people to _____ their country's constitution.

I have finished a draft of my article, but I want more time to _____ it.



n. similarity between two things, comparability

syn similarity, comparability, parallel, correspondence

"Black is to white as up is to down" is an example of a(n) _____.

When the speaker said, "Too many people on one side of a boat, or on one side of an issue, can cause disaster," she was using a(n) _____.


The first line is an asterisk.

The second line contains an abbreviation for the part of speech of the word, and then a definition (or more than one definition) of the word.

The third line starts with “syn” and a space, and then contains synonyms for the word, separated by commas. (The purpose of this line is that the computer program can check to make sure that it is not presenting two words that are synonymous with each other as possible answers to the question.)

The next lines contain two or three sentences illustrating how the word can be used in a sentence; where the word would go, insert a blank consisting of five underscore marks.

The sentences should be constructed so that the target word would fit well in the blank, but other words would not. For example, for the word analogy, we would not want a sentence like “The speaker used a(n) _______,” because too many other words of different meanings could fit in the blank (like podium, flourish, assistant, toothbrush....) It is OK if the sentence is a little redundant in making just the given meaning fit in.

The words in the sentences other than the target word should be as simple as we can make them, so that the limiting step in the respondent’s answering the question will be the target word, not the other words. Likewise, the definitions should be in as simple terms as possible, so that we won’t try to define words the user doesn’t know by other words the user also doesn’t know!

Some test prep books present similar sentences that attempt to hold the user’s interest with flippant or macabre humor. I don’t want such sentences for this. Rather, if it is possible for the brief sentence to teach the user something useful, or to portray some compassion, wisdom, productivity, kindness, rational decision-making, or some other “psychological skill,” that will be in keeping with the tenor of the program within which this will be carried out.

The challenge with some of these words is to construct sentences consistent not only with the definition, but with the way the word is generally used. I recommend reading several dictionary definitions and making a composite definition after reading them, using the simplest possible language. There are various online sources that give examples of words used in sentences; I would recommend reading these if necessary to get a feeling for the way the word is used. But the sentence should be original. We don’t need every possible synonym for the target word – just enough so that two words similar in meaning will be recognized as such.

The freelancer(s) who work on this project will be doing “work for hire” and the copyright will be owned by the buyer.

If you’d like to send a sample of some work of this sort, you might pick a few random words from the following list.

fabricate, facade, facet, facetious, facile, facilitate, facility, facsimile, faction, factious, factitious, factotum, fallacious, fallacy, fallible, fallow, falter, famish, fanatic, fanaticism, farce, fastidious, fatalism, fathom, fathomless, fatuous, fawning, faze, fealty, feckless

When you bid, please state the amount you would like to be paid, and the time you would like to take, for a job of 250 WORDS put into the above format. (What I have above is an example for 3 words.)

Thanks for your consideration of this.

Evner: Copywriting

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