Need Reliable, Quality, Fast, Copy-Re-Writers

Can you restore my faith in freelance copy-re-writers? I've gone through more flakes than a Kellogg's cereal factory. I pay immediately and very well above average rates and all I ask in return is:

1) Reliability: When you agree to a deadline, MEET IT!

2) Speed: I'm not interested in 1,000 words a week. I need a very high turnover of words per day. The more the better.

3) Quality: If you can't put together a coherent, properly spelled, grammatically correct sentence in the English language DO NOT BID!

I have more than enough work to keep you busy for the rest of your natural life. Please be the one copy-re-writer who reinstates my faith in freelance writers and prove to me that they're not all FLAKES!

Ask any questions you want via PMB. Please bid for 20,000 words. If you can deliver what I need in that initial 20,000 words, then we can discuss giving you more. Now please show me that you have mastery of the English language by rewriting the following paragraph from Hemingway to clear Copyscape:

"We drove along our old wheel tracks that led to the salt flat. On the left there was open plain and the broken line of tall green-foliaged yellow-trunked trees that marked the edge of the forest where the buffalo herd might be. There was old dry grass growing high along the edge and there were many fallen trees that had been pulled down by elephants or uprooted by storms. Ahead there was plain with new short green grass and to the right there were broken glades with islands of thick green bush and occasional tall flat-topped thorn trees. Everywhere there was game feeding. They moved away as we came close, moving sometimes in quick bursts of galloping; sometimes at a steady trot; sometimes only feeding off away from the car. But they always stopped and fed again. When we were on this routine patrol or when Miss Mary was photographing they paid no more attention to us than they do to the lion when he is not hunting. They keep out of his way but they are not frightened."

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