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Need 60 plus Articles Written

Summary Scope of Work:

General Topic: How to Make Wine

1) 10 articles for my website

2) 1 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for my website.

3) 50 Articles for publication on the internet

4) 60 Tips

General Requirements for All Products:

1) All articles shall be furnished and formatted in a separate Microsoft Word 2003 file with a unique file name.

2) Each article shall include a 2 to 3 sentence article summary above the headline.

3) Basic Search Engine Optimization Requirements: a) Keyword phrase used in article headline b) Keyword phrase used at least 3 times in content c) Keyword phrase in bold once in content d) Keyword phrase in italic once in content. e) Keyword phrase in at least one sub-headline.

4) All articles must be fresh words to avoid penalties by search engines.

5) Can not reuse similar articles prepared for another buyer.

6) Need signed release of copyrights by writer in pdf file format.

Resources Provided By Buyer:

1) Buyer shall provide a 55 page Microsoft Word 2003 file containing raw material for the articles to be written. The file shall contain approximately 20 articles. All articles must be rewritten. Approximately 80% of required raw content to complete this project is included in this buyer furnished file.

2) Buyer shall provide one specific web address which includes several dozen additional articles the writer will use to gather raw material for a few specific articles for my website. Approximately 20% of needed content is at this web address in article form. [url removed, login to view]


Writer shall not be required to research the internet for raw content except as described above. Writer shall be responsible for gathering, rewriting and reformatting required subject manner for specific articles provided by Buyer.

Schedule Milestones:

1) Bids submitted by close of business March 25, 2008.

2) Award by close of business March 26, 2008.

3) Project completed and submitted by April 3, 2008.

Detailed Scope of Work:

1) Articles for My Website:

a) Quantity (1) one- History of Wine Making. 1300 to 1600 words. Describe origins of wine making from 8,000 years ago.

b) Quantity (1) one- Basic Fundamentals of Wine Making. 1300 to 1600 words. Summarize the basic steps.

c) Quantity (1) one- Fruit or Juice Concentrate. 1000 to 1300 words.

d) Quantity (1) one- Ingredients Needed. 1000 to 1300 words.

e) Quantity (1) one- Equipment Needed. 1000 to 1300 words.

f) Quantity (1) one- Fermentation Process. 1000 to 1300 words.

g) Quantity (1) one- Wine Clarification. 1000 to 1300 words.

h) Quantity (1) one- Bottling and Aging Wine. 1000 to 1300 words.

i) Quantity (2) one- Free Recipes. 300 to 600 words each. Included in Buyer furnished MS Word file.

2) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for my website.]

a) Quantity (1) one- FAQ. 1600 TO 2000 words. Example Wine FAQ provided by buyer.

3) 50 Articles for publication on the internet

These articles should be general and aimed at people new to wine making or considering to start homemade wine making. The first 2/3 or ¾ of each article shall focus on various fundamentals and steps to making homemade wine. Of course each article needs to be worded differently. The last 1/3 or ¼ of each add should discuss a unique wine making topic that is not fundamental. Example: Equipment, bottling, red wine vs. white wine, etc. There are two (2) different size articles as follows:

a) Quantity (12) twelve- Articles 1300 to 1600 words.

b) Quantity (38) thirty-eight- Articles. 1000 to 1300 words.

4) 60 Tips on Wine Making:

All 60 tips may be included in one Microsoft Word 2003 file. Each tip shall be 2 to 4 sentences long and include 30 to 50 words. The tips may be very specific such as temperature and acidic requirements.

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