10 articles about laser eye surgery, Lasik technology

SEO 3-4 keyword dense (LASIK, laser eye surgery, laser eyes surgery safety clinics and prices), and % no more than 5-7%. Pay is standard and is $3/500 words. I need 10 articles of 500 words or less each. If work is immaculate I will pay $4/500 words. Description of the quality of the work rests solely on me but I would honestly rather have high quality articles and pay the premium than the other way around. Writer will most definitely employed for other writing jobs as I have many many.

Need 10 articles so make sure to cover all topics that are related to this subject. Countries to focus on are the US and Canada with 5% UK and UAE 2% (that would probably be a mention in an article or 2 and compare prices in first world countries to third world ones as well as clinic care, facilities, technologies etc when you write the articles, so dont go at all overboard with UAE and very little about UK in all articles.)

1st thing I want you to do is to check the bids for the best paying keyword and write on it. Naturally it is Lasikmd . It is a branded centre of lasik technology clinics. We are not to promote them but to provide the names of the biggest players in the game and with that you are to write much about all of the known brand clinics, their branding techniques and when did they start, their differences, user's polls for favourite if any (hopefully0). Patent issues etc...

Price is an issue. Talk about how expensive it can be, how some offer financial services. Now as much as financial services is lucrative in adsense, i want to stick to the theme. So please explore the range of pricing, the discount and promotions. The pricing differences in different countries, if any. PLEASE RESEARCH, DO NOT GUESS, I WILL REJECT POORLY WRITTEN ARTICLES. THE INFO IS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ON THE WEB. Prices depend on technologies and on clinics and doctors too. So please read up :)

Another article would talk about the clinics role and most importantly the surgeons role and how to choose one since some have done a few operations while other have literally done 10s of thousands. Credibility, follow ups, etc, is all thing to touch on and more.

The different technologies available in the market right now, and what suits who, from LASIK, the most famous (write mostly about it) to zyoptix and prk and why some cannot get lasik. Ensure to research all what you write. I do nor want any fillers just to complete 500 words.

Note: If you can only write 300 words about a subject then by all means its more honest than reading fillers to gain an extra $1 and I will respect you more.

-Disadvantages of the procedure and different technologies, which is safer, are any safe at all, any safer than others. Factors, etc etc etc. What about advantages. What to watch for. Care procedures. Prohibitive things while resting, etc...

- Origin of this whole thing, when did it start and by who and why and every how often does it improve and is there one body regulating it, or many, how about research? Different companies or one? Etc...

These are 6 Ideas, please try to think of 4 more and verify with me while writing about those. Try to make the 4 articles maximizing in terms of adsense revenue, exclude junk sites and parked sites I will give you my pub ID and they are excluded.

This will be a prelude to an ebook about the subject. Please make it informative and entertaining. Everyone cares about their eyes and I want to make a nice resource on the net about this subject and a website about it.

DISCLAIMER: In effect, you agree that by writing the articles for me and if happens that your work impresses me and I employ you for the ebook version then by paying you your fee through escrow this comprises payment which obviously will be released upon the completion of the article writing. Writer thus agrees to release all and any copyright related to his/her writing work to me the buyer and has no entitlement to them or their revenues thereafter. Reselling them to any other third party is thus extremely prohibited either parts of the work or the whole work complete without my prior full consent. This is just a disclaimer and is normal in copywriting projects.

VERY IMPORTANT: You hereby attest that all content provided is 100% your own formatting, writing, and no badly written or paraphrasing have been used to cut time out. The articles will have to pass through copyscape to be accepted or there will be a major copyright issue which I do not like to get into. Believe me I wouldn't say this if it didn't just happen to me. So please ONLY professional freelance writers.

Thanks and goodluck.

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