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International planner means business as usual in a world full of holidays

HOUSTON -- Rebecca Noel wasn't planning on creating an international

calendar, she just wanted to cash a check.

"Back in the late 80s, I took a vacation to the UK," said Noel.

"Unfortunately, I went during a week that had two bank holidays in it

and all of the banks were closed. At that time there were no ATMs and

credit cards were only being used by restaurants and shops in the

larger cities such as London."

With no way of knowing about the holidays until she arrived, Noel was

stuck without cash. The idea for a calendar that listed all the major

holidays of the world didn't hit Noel until the trip was over and she

was back home in the states.

"A client asked us to design a promotional product that was not a hat,

cap or pencil. I suggested that we take a traditional desk planner and

incorporate international holidays for countries worldwide plus add

some of their marketing information from their company brochures. It

was an aha moment."

With that idea, Noel, a salesperson, used her experience abroad as

inspiration for a daily planner that was in a class by itself.

Featuring all government and religious holidays celebrated by every

country in the world, A Global World's calendar, named the

International Date Planner, has become the go-to product for

international business. The calendar is the result of extensive

research the company has compiled over their 20 years in business and

lets the businessperson who's using it devote more time to their work.

The International Date Planner remains an essential for the

international businessperson. Holidays are listed both by country and

by day of the week. Conversion tables, time change charts, and

international area codes listed within the planner help keep important

travel information all in one place. A Global World's products have

expanded to include a downloadable desktop international holiday

calendar for the computer and a full color wall calendar will be


"Whether our customers travel overseas or cruise around the world

through their computer, to be able to effectively conduct

international business is essential," said Noel.

For companies looking for an innovative and useful promotional

product, A Global World often customizes planners to bear a company's

logo or color scheme and can include important company information. As

clients use the planner to record important dates, they're constantly

reminded of the business from where the calendar came. from. Unlike a baseball cap

or a pencil, a well-used daily planner often becomes as important as a

cell phone during the business day.

Rosetta Stone, a company that specializes in foreign language learning

software, felt believes the calendar was is a natural fit to promote their

business's international and multi-cultural focus. "This is one of the

best products that I have ever used," said Rosetta Stone's John

Meyers. "It is a great help when traveling or just making phone


So whether it's a client meeting that's sidelined by Greenery Day in

Japan, or remembering a Russian colleague on International Women's

Day, having A Global World's international calendar at hand can help

make the world a little smaller.

For more information, please visit www.aglobalworld.com.

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