Angel Writer needed for writing a leadership book

I run a publishing company, The Books Factory which helps entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, and professionals in turning their ideas/ message/ stories into a best-selling book through our Done For You publishing services. We not only write the book for them, but we also design the book cover, publish it, market it, and make it a #1 best-seller on Amazon.

This job post is for an angel writer who could take our client’s interviews for every chapter and correctly understand their ideas, message, and stories and write the book on their behalf in their voice. So, I got a client who is interested in publishing a book with us. I'd asked him to fill out a form which can help you to understand this book idea. Below are all of his answers:

Q1. Tell us briefly about your book idea.

A. Leadership - the generation stuck in the middle. The book idea is based around the lessons learned having been in leadership for 20 years. However, I would like to come from the vantage point of a Generation X leader. I am stuck in the battle between millennial and baby boomers and getting caught in the cross fire, I have learned so much. These would be more practical lessons versus lessons based on leadership theory. I would like for this to be a quick easy read but provide leadership tips combining different leadership styles that have worked with certain situations. I would like for this to be anecdotal, humorous and allow the readers to laugh as they are going through the same thing.

Q2. Who is the intended audience (age, sex, education, level, etc.)?

A. aspiring and seasoned leaders (anyone!)

Q3. What should be the ideal length of your book?

A. 150 - 200 pages

Q4. Do you have any chapters or outline of the book in your mind? If yes, then please write it down.

A. I do not have "chapters" or an "outline", BUT I have written down at least 20 lessons that I have learned. I would rather share these with the angel writer for us to expand on.

Q5. How your book is different from other books on the same topic?

A. My book is different because the leadership books out there are "serious" leadership book out there now that are based on theory, and different leadership styles. This will be different because it will be light and take all the different leadership styles that every one tries once in their life and show the lessons learned and what truly works to help employees be their best and for leaders to create legacy. Also...this book is coming from the vantage point of a "middle generation" as gen x is working with 2 very different how to not get caught int he crossfire!

Q6. Do you also want to include your personal stories/ experiences in your book?

A. yes.

Q7. What are your expectations with your Angel Writer?

A. Patience, their thoughts, their writing expertise, their guidance....and I am also open to ideas.

Q8. How do you envision your dream book?

A. I envision my book to be a light-heated, but allow the reader to gain nuggets to help them be the best leader they can. In 2020 (2 years) 75% of the millenials will be in authority/leadership positions. In my world as a gen x, I will be the leadership that helps them succeed. I have learned so much over the past 20 years as the workplace dynamics have changed and sometimes "leadership theories' are not a good fit for everyone. I would like people reading this book to see that a truly successful leaders is an authentic leader who leaders with logic versus rules and with their heart as we are all human.

Now, I want to know from you why do you think you’re right fit angel writer for this book. Try to explain this answer in detail.

I will show your response to my client which will help him to judge your book writing capabilities with your response and eventually he would decide if he wants to work with you or not.

Respond to this job post as you’re directly talking to my client!

All the best,

Vikrant Shaurya

CEO at The Books Factory

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