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I need a clone/rewrite of a site with all these pages below or you can do your own research. The web site address will be provided after closing bid. About 300 words per page.

What is Zyprexa (Olanzapine)?

* Drug History

What is Zyprexa Prescribed for?

* Schizophrenia

* Manic Depression

* Alzheimer's

* Personality Disorders

* Depression

* Bi-Polar Disorder

* Bi-Polar Mania

* Severe Child Aggression

Zyprexa Side Effects

* Diabetes

* Hyperglycemia

* Pancreatitis

Side Effects Treatment

* Diabetes Treatment Options

* Hyperglycemia Treatment Options

* Pancreatitis Treatment Options

* Treatment for Other Side Effects

FDA Alerts

Black Box Warnings

Zyprexa FAQs

Personal User Stories

Medical Glossary

News and Reports

* Lilly and Plaintiffs' Attorneys Enter Into an Agreement in Principle to Settle Majority of Zyprexa(R) Product Liability Litigation

* Lawsuit Launched Over Antipsychotic Drug

* FDA Warns Of Antipsychotic, Antihistamine Drug Mixup

* Antipsychotic Drugs Raise Diabetes Risk

* Caution Urged on Anti-Psychotic Drugs

* Lilly Warns of Zyprexa Risk for Elderly

* Discovery Limited In Zyprexa Case

* Zyprexa, Risperdal and Clozaril May Increase Risk of Pancreatitis

* Foreign Zyprexa News

Drug Health Risks

Zyprexa Drug Interactions

Legal Guide

* Why File a Zyprexa Lawsuit

* Lawsuit FAQs

* Understanding Your Legal Rights

* Lawsuit Time Constraints

* Zyprexa Lawsuit Overview

* Filing a Lawsuit

* Finding the Right Lawyer

* Hiring a Zyprexa Lawyer

* Compensation for Victims

* Lawsuit Settlements and Verdicts

* Contact a Zyprexa Lawyer


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