Flash Slideshow With ColdFusion

This project is for a Flash applet that takes dynamic ColdFusion input to present a series of graphics as a slideshow on a Web page.

Desired Functionality: a series of clickable slides will be presented centered within the boundary of the applet that will fade from one image to the next in a continuous loop. If a browser does not support Flash no error messages or requests to download flash will be generated, instead the first graphic and URL will be displayed in HTML as if there was no Flash applet present.


Overall applet size is 290 pixels width by 196 pixels height. If a selected graphic image to be shown as a slide is larger then it should be shrunk to fit and definitely shouldn't break the applet or run over the edges. Don't worry about maintaining height/width proportionality but do not clip images either.

Applet accepts these variables as input when the web page loads:

1) SlideTime = seconds each graphic is displayed.

2) SlideTime1 = seconds the initial display of the first graphic is shown when the applet first loads; when the same image is redisplayed again after recycling through the loop then SlideTime applies to it. In other words, SlideTime1 is only used once for the first image displayed.

3) SlideFadeTime = total seconds of transition from one slide to the next, same for all slides. Slides should fade smoothly into one another so that one is fading out at the same time the next one is fading in, not simply fade out and then the next one fade in.

4) SlideBGcolor = background color (using hexadecimal or Netscape color list) of the applet that will show as a border if the images are smaller than 290 x 196 pixels. If it is possible for the background of a Flash applet to be transparent that should be an option too.

5) SlidePath = absolute or relative path to graphics on server or (with absolute path) external graphic source.

6) SlideList = comma-delimited list of graphic filenames to be displayed in the order on the list. If an image is not present or fails to load the applet should not break or go blank but move seamlessly to the next image.

7) SlideURLs = comma-delimited list of either absolute or relative URLs to go with the SlideList. Assume SlideList and SlideURLs will always be equal-length lists but applet shouldn't break if they aren't. Clicking on a slide with a corresponding zero (0) in the SlideURLs list does nothing however because that is how to NOT attach a URL to a slide. Each URL is active on a slide from the end of the previous slide's SlideFadeTime (in other words from the start of a slide being completely faded in) to the end of its own SlideFadeTime.

Note: if developer feels that a ColdFusion array or structure will be superior to lists then either is an acceptable substitution.

The goal is a small fast-loading Flash applet which will immediately begin displaying the first image nearly as quickly as if it was just an image without any applet. If any of the above specifications will significantly bloat the size of the applet such that performance would be noticeably degraded then developer should notify me and we will negotiate a workaround compromise solution if possible.

Source and compiled code will be provided by the developer.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Cold Fusion

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