Camsites Integration System

Dear Coders,

we are looking for a software developer / team who:

1. is able to deliver 100% of the requirements, meaning he is technically able to deliver outputs and is able to demonstrate proficiency

2. Is available and would like to work with us on occasional updates, upgrading, reprogramming and another projects

3. is available on ICQ or any other messenger daily

4. is aware of the cutting edge technologies as well as their implementation if needed and can advise us on some technical issues we will face to.

5. does not currently work on another project, meaning he/she has the time to devote to this project


The system should pool/merge visitors/members/paying members from various adult livechat webcam sites a performer uses into one separate system, so the performer can work on 10 systems simultaneously, but with the ease of one site, one log in and one central management. This means the webcam model does not open 10 internet explorer windows and logs in 10 various webcam sites as performer. Either there wont be no 10 free chat windows the performer should manage. There will be one centralized system for this.

The admin should be able to enable/disable/modify/add/remove every single feature or its parts for any other user, users, or user groups. The portal needs to be very flexible.

The database will need to record many details and then sort and deliver results in many ways.

The whole portal should be organized in a very logical way, look very simple, not confusing its users, giving them clear options, providing help, etc.

The site will provide extraordinary features and there will be very many of them. Complete project with list of the features that needs to be programmed is delivered after NDA is signed.

We are aware of that what crucial system requirements are and what are features we can do without.

There are four main deadlines for the project:

July 08, 2008 – Beta – working system that merge at least several sites (without features)

August 05, 2008 – Working system which pool/merge all of the required sites, plus features beta testing.

September 14, 2008 – Complete integrated cam system working with all features implemented, tested, secure. + Admin Beta.

October 01, 2008 – In addition to the last deadline – admin system should work properly.

At the beginning we agree on detailed schedule where each tasks will be divided into maximum 2 days tasks, in order to be able to manage deadlines.


The heart of the project is to work as webcam performer on several adult livechat webcam sites FROM ONE MAIN WINDOW.

There are 3 main variations of the sites in terms of ability to see the performer.

Each site type has its small variations. Some members can come to “free text chat” with the models, but cannot view their live video stream for free, the viewers are differentiated in terms of their credit status, some sites support “exclusive sessions (member pays more and has the guarantee he is alone with the model and no one else can enter until the first member is connected), etc.

PAY MODE ONLY SITES: Some adult livechat webcam sites lets you log in and stay only in a “pay mode”. They have no free video, no free chat. This means no one can enter your room and see you unless they are paying for that.

FREE MODE ONLY SITES: When logged in on these sites – you are seen by the members for free and if you convince someone to come to paying mode (private session) – system kicks the other members in the room either saying come back later, or go to another model, or join the action (some sites does not support more than 1 member in private session at the same time)

COMBINED FREE/PAY: The model can determine whether he or she is in free chat or “pay chat”.

There are 4 main video streaming options in use.

1. Flash (most of the sites)

2. Java (few of the sites)

3. Flash Media Encoder (VP6 codec)

4. Some sites uses their own piece of software, which needs to be installed and run on the computer. The performer cannot go online without using the software.

From the webcam performer perspective:

1. LOG IN on our site.

2. By default he/she has all lets say 10 sites checked (gives the ability to deselect a site when he/she does not wish to appear online on a specific site).

3. Under the checklist is a “go online” button.

4. When online – the performer sees free chat members from all the 10 sites in one “free chat window”. Similarly – the paying customers from all sites are pooled into one another window (next to it).

5. When the performer needs to get naked free chat sites should be turned off. There is a button needed to place the model offline on free chat sites and put into pay mode on combined sites.

6. Log off certain site button

7. Select which nickname to log in (some sites allow you to use 2-3 or more various names at different times and some sites lets you broadcast on 3 different accounts at the same time!


Add sites where will performers appear

Remove sites

Edit sites (mainly when a site design or anything else chance – admin needs to be able to figure out a way how to make it work without programming).

If a certain site is down (maintenance or anything else), the system should skip the site, notify admin and let the performer complete the “going online” process.

When interested in working our project - please read the whole posted project carefully and initiate discussion, related to the requirements, so we both know in advance if there might be a price increase for certain parts and you become able to determine all tasks which needs to be done.


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