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I need a software to call landline and mobile phones using the Skype, Vonage, Broadvoice etc VoIP providers network and send voice messages, at a rapid rate:

requested features are:

- Outbound Calls. Function for the software to call landline and mobile phones

- the software should play a message. The message can either (both) come from a recorded .wav or .mp3 file or use text to speech.

- Automatic retry for busy line or no answer: The software must retry x times to call one number if busy/no answer and than try 2nd number, 3rd number etc... Numbers will come from database, should have online interface to upload numbers

- the message played comes from a recorded audio file in .wav and .mp3 format. User can browse to a file and select the one to be played.

- Interactive confirm & response, it accepts input (DTMF tones) from telephone's numeric keypad. Users can enter a 6-9 digitcode and the software will validate the code from a database. The software also needs to write to database that i has accepted the code. This should be for like an example only one tone could be used for yes and one for now for political Would you Vote for____press 1 for yes ... press 2 for no

- A history list of phone call will show at what date/time which numbers where dialed, and if success full or not.

- schedule broadcast time: In the scheduler you can select at what time calls should be made.

- Preference will allow to select: the number of rings before trying next number and the max. length of a voicemessage

- Call status report will show the status.

- Software must be able to handle "answer signal" and answering machines. So it should know when to start to play a message. For polling to live persons only and messages to answering machines...this is more or less a Voice Message Broadcasting programming.


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