Keyword search Amazon c#

1. There will be a TextBox and a Button

2. There will be one of 4 outcomes:

a -- Amazon will find one result (e.g. search amazon for "Kreosotum 200c Boiron Homeopathics")

b -- Amazon will find multiple results (e.g. search amazon for "Kreosotum 30c Boiron Homeopathics")

c -- Amazon will not find a match but will suggest other results (e.g. search amazon for "Kreosotum 5ch [url removed, login to view] Seroyal/Unda")

d -- Amazon will not find any results (e.g. search amazon for "lkafje lkdjre")

After the program queries amazon for the search string,

If "a", "b", or "c" happen, program will then open each product details page and scrape the following: product name, manufacturer, price, seller, is it fullfilment by Amazon, number of units in stock, how many other sellers are selling the product, what is the lowest price other sellers are selling the product for, the ASIN, and the product rank, and the product rank category.

For example, if amazon finds 3 results for a search string, the program will create three rows in the text file for that search string with the format described above (search string, which scenario (in this case "b"), then one row of details for each product if amazon finds no results, the program will create just one row that will include the search string, and "d"

Need complete source code

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