Plain Text Decoding

To decode a plain text file and let me know what the encoding is, including how to decode it on my end (I am using a Mac). The following is an exerpt from the file



◊˜’fl£∫ª ∏¶⁄◊





 Ù–‘£∫≥ºŒ≈Õ®Ãϵÿ»À‘ª»Â£¨Õ®Ãϵÿ≤ªÕ®»À‘ªºº£¨Àπ“Ω’flÀ‰‘ª∑Ωºº£¨∆‰ µ»Â’fl÷Æ ¬∫ı°£∞‡πÖڰ∂


º∞π˙£¨‘≠’Ô“‘÷™’˛°£∑«ƒ‹Õ®»˝≤≈÷Æ∞¬£¨∞≤ƒ‹º∞π˙÷Æ’˛‘’°£Ω˙°§ª ∏¶⁄◊≤©◊€µ‰ºÆ∞Ÿº“÷Æ—‘£¨≥¡

æ≤π—”˚£¨”–∏fl…–÷Æ÷æ°£µ√∑Á±‘£¨“Ú∂¯—ß“Ω£¨œ∞¿¿æ≠∑Ω£¨«∞’È÷¡√Ó°£»°ª∆µ€°∂ÀÿŒ °∑°¢°∂’Îæ≠

°∑°¢°∂√˜Ã√°∑»˝≤ø÷Ơȣ¨◊´Œ™°∂’Îæƒæ≠°∑ Æ∂˛æÌ£¨¿˙π≈»Â’fl÷Æ≤ªƒ‹º∞“≤°£ªÚ‘ª°√°∂ÀÿŒ °∑°¢

°∂’Îæ≠°∑°¢°∂√˜Ã√°∑»˝≤ø÷Ơȣ¨∑«ª∆µ€ È£¨À∆≥ˆ”⁄’Ωπ˙°£‘ª°√»À…˙Ãϵÿ÷ƺ‰£¨∞À≥fl÷Æ«˚£¨‘‡


÷Æ∫ı°£∑«¥Û •…œ÷«£¨ Îƒ‹÷™÷Æ£¨’Ωπ˙÷Æ»À∫Œ”Η…°£¥Û‘’£°°∂ª∆µ€ƒ⁄æ≠°∑ Æ∞ÀæÌ£¨°∂’Îæ≠°∑»˝


¥´£¨—ß÷Æ’flœ “”°£Ã∆°§’Á»®µ´–fi°∂√˜Ã√Õº°∑£¨ÀÔÀºÂ„¥”∂¯∫Õ÷Æ£¨∆‰”‡∆™µ⁄“‡≤ªƒ‹æ°—‘÷Æ°£π˙

º“⁄Ø»Â≥º–£’˝“Ω È£¨ΩÒ»°°∂ÀÿŒ °∑°¢°∂æ≈–Ê°∑°¢°∂¡È ‡°∑°¢°∂ôÀÿæ≠°∑°¢°∂«ßΩ∑Ω°∑º∞°∂“Ì

°∑°¢°∂Ղî√ÿ“™°∑÷Óº“…∆ È–£∂‘”Ò≥…£¨……–¥Ω´±∏«◊¿¿°£πߌ©÷˜…œ •’‹“¬π⁄ŒƒŒÔ£¨π‚ª‘…œœ¬£¨–¢¥»» 



\xπ˙◊”≤© ø≥º∏fl±£∫‚…– ÈÕÕÃÔ¿…÷–≥ºÀÔ∆Êπ‚¬ª«‰÷±√ÿ∏Û≥º¡÷“⁄µ»…œ\x

This excerpt is part of the text file of ‘The Inauguratory Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion’《针灸甲乙经》, which I have and to know if you happen to decode the text correctly, I believe ƒÍ∑›£∫π´‘™256ƒÍ should be 年份:公元256年 or something along the lines of that

As part of this task, I have a few files that I would like to be restored to the Chinese character version

A mandatory task before hiring is that I need you return me the excerpt I posted in the decoded form

Simple task

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Hi. Nice to meet you. I am senoir c,c++ developer. I have experience of text decoding. I can complete project with my best effort. I will wait your response. Thanks for your posting job. Best regards.

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