Android on a Motorola MB860 deep tutorial

Hello there!!

I own a Motorola MB860 with Android 2.2.2 installed. I know that it accepts, at least, the 2.3.6 version.

I tried the update through the phone, but it replies that my phone is already updated.

I downloaded the Motorola Software Update, but couldn't do the update through it too.

I found a rom on the internet for my carrier with a little over 530MB ([url removed, login to view]), and this is the part where this project begins.

I want to to know all I can possibly know about the phone. But this "all" means: updating the firwmare; understanding the bootloaders; developing a personalized rom for the phone (educational purposes only. For example: develop a rom with wifi enabled; develop a rom without wifi and no camera; develop a rom just for telephone. Examples are only for illustration purposes!!); uploading a rom to the phone.

To make it simple, I would like only to learn the intrisicates off how the firmware runs on the android, specifically on the MB860.

I would also like to learn to develop a simple software, or two simple softwares, in a very simple form, but very creative way.

These would work together and one would send data to the other, using the internet. It can be the simplest one, but it has to have the following:

- Press a touch screen button and this data would be sent to the remote computer and be shown. (For example: press the number 1 and it would show 1 on the remote computer; Press a ON button and the remote computer would turn a ON button green).

- Press a button on the remote computer, and this would send data to the phone indicating that something must be done, like the example above.

Depending on the time zone, we can arrange classes through Skype.

Freelancer will need to provide material for next class (links, PDFs, books, whatever) so that we don't loose time I can use the freelancers knowledge the best way possible (for example, freelancer asks me to download a 500MB rom. It will surely take some precious time of the freelancer while the file gets dowlnoaded). This is just a suggestion, but I think will make things work smoothly.

So the project resumes to three points: developing a rom; uploading a rom to the phone; and developing the software.


What I need is the project to be done. Completely. Fully. In all it's extent. Period. I don't want half of a project, or partial something whatsoever. What I want is the complete project and this is what I am willing to get and, of course, pay for.

By this, I am creating one milestone only, to be released when all that I asked for up here is delivered. This is why I tried to be so criterious about each part. No exceptions will be made. PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS.

I've had some disappointing experience in the past and this is why I created this policy. Fortunately, the good experiences prevailed over the bad ones.

Happy bidding!

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