This is a program to display the status of the Caps Lock key as well as the Num lock or Scroll lock key on the diaplay screen. It also uses the option to verbally indicate the status on or off in english, it also uses colors selectable by the user. It employs an ability to reposition the indicator on the screen if the mouse moves into the indicator, so as to bounce it out of the way. It should not interfear with the normal operation of the PC, must run on XP, Vista, Win 2003 Server, Win 2008 Server, Win 7. The size and opacity will be user adjustable in a master settings screen. Also the indicators may or may not show letters in addition to indicate on or off for each keyboard function. I will post a mockup design soon.

The mandatory attributes for function are as


1) Indicator ICON panel must be re sizable by the

user width wise up to about 4 inches across maximum

to less than one half inch wide minimum, a slider is

suggested, but presets are also good.

2) The Indicator ICON panel must be re sizable height

wise up to about 4 inches high maximum to less than

one half inch high minimum, a slider is suggested.

So the maximum size for the panel is four inches x

four inches and minimum is half an inch by half an


3) The Indicator ICON panel must consist of one, two

or three image panels adjoined side by side. Each

panel appears when the user selects any one or more

of the following: Caps Lock on, Caps Lock off,Num

Lock on, Num Lock off, Scroll Lock on, c)Scroll Lock

off.(The panels can light up in either the on or off

state. As a default when the software is installed

the indicators will light up only in the "on" state

for each of the three functions; Caps Lock, Num

Lock, Scroll Lock.)

4) Must have audio option for the following if

switched on or off and speak in English:

a)Caps Lock on, Caps Lock off

b)Num Lock on, Num Lock off

c)Scroll Lock on, Scroll Lock off

The unit installs with the audio as an selectable

install option and will talk in English when the

state changes (saying what appears in "a","b" and

"c" above; if when installing the program the audio

option is selected, or if set by the user in the

selectable options panel.

5) As a default the images will hold a letter image

either "C" for Caps lock, "N" for Num Lock or "S"

for scroll lock. This image will size accordingly

with the images. This feature is selectable to be on

or off if set by the user in the selectable options


6) The display will will have an "opaque" or "Cling"

or "Bounce" or thumbtack lock positioning

characteristic. The user can adjust to turn less

"opaque" or "Cling" or "Bounce" using the selectable

options panel and the "Lock Position" setting using

a mini thumbtack icon positioned in the right

corner. The characteristics of the opaque setting is

that the Indicator ICON panel will exhibit "see

through" qualities and not move when the mouse

hovers over it. The characteristics of the cling

setting is that when the mouse hovers over the

Indicator ICON panel the icon will move or reappear

on the opposite side of the screen. After the mouse

moves away the Indicator ICON panel will move back

after 30 seconds. In the "Bounce"setting the

Indicator ICON panel will move away and stay away

until the mouse is repositioned over it. The panel

will also use a mini thumbtack icon in it's upper

right corner to allow the user to lock it in it's

current position.

7)The Indicator ICON panel will start out in the

right lower corner of the screen with an icon to

allow menu option in the menu tray.

8) One option available for the The Indicator ICON

panel will be to blink on and off with the rate

adjustable from within the selectable options panel.

9) There will be options to switch the start off

point from any one corner of the screen; lower left,

lower right (default), upper left or upper right.

This is adjustable from within the selectable

options panel.

10) The Indicator ICON panel will have my company

name along the bottom edge of the panel which can be

switched off if the software is registered.

11) The Indicator ICON panel will work for only one

hour if it is not registered and remind the user to

please register before it vanishes. The reminder

will be rapid and not lingering.

12) The colors of the six states are selectable by

the user; the six states are as follows:

1a)Caps Lock on, 2a)Caps Lock off

3b)Num Lock on, 4b)Num Lock off

5c)Scroll Lock on,6c)Scroll Lock off

The color options only work if the state is active

as visible.

13) The design must be made to register as

purchasable software under my company name with logo

and legal terms which I will both supply.

14) The panel can change opacity to a range of 20

percent to 100 percent in increments of 20.

Evner: .NET, Lidt af Hvert, C programmering, Java, Visual Basic

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