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Telnet Client Update

Seeking knowledgable developer(s) for an on-going telnet client project. Currently have invested a little over 5K in development sessions through RAC and person-to-person.

This bid request is for updates to a popular text game client. It requires firm knowledge in:

C, Gtk++, cross platform development, autoconf design

Compiling should work with no errors on a linux operating system. Fully bundled binaries for linux and windows is NOT requested. Developer(s) should supply the fully functional source code which will be compiled and packaged on windows and linux in various distribution packages.

Bid Request Details:


Bug Fixes:


-auto completion in the entry field when you are in single line input mode disallows

a user from altering the capitalisation of input.

Example: user inputs: D

result: user is then unable to input: d ..it automatically caps to a D

Request: allow a user to toggle autocompletion on/off in the Global Settings

-MCCP does not properly trigger in the client on some muds

Example: visiting: [url removed, login to view] port 6000 , the entry screen shows up okay,

when you login to the game however, compression output is the only thing

which you can see.

Request: * Handle on-demand MCCP support from games that don't immediately send

WILL/WONT requests.

* Allow MCCP compression (zlib compression) to be toggled on and off

in the GAME SETTINGS (per session) area

-ANSI bug: If you're using the windows version, and on a mud that is using

broken ANSI color code (many muds using stock Lope), the client spikes in

high CPU. This is due to the heavy routine for cleaning up broken ansi. If

you disable color, and run the same commands; there is no cpu spike.

Request: There should be no CPU spike due to ansi(color) handling

-PCRE bug: In the new handling of aliases/triggers, when a trigger is

actuated, there is a heavy hang on windows (this is not present on linux),

something is being called that is causing this [debug required]

-Macro was disabled in 1.7 due to a bug which causes a crash in both linux and


Request: * Repair macro handling so that a user can map their input keys to pre-defined

commands or scripts.

* Install image icon support that lets a user select one of the png images

shipped with the client to map their triggers to image. They can then click

on the image to activate the macro.

-the game list wizard dumps its information after you update the game listing and click on

a game in the list.

Request: port the game list format to xml storage. If needed, I can output the information

on [url removed, login to view] in XML as well if it'll make the updating with the wizard


Code Improvements:


* fix the [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] files:

-In order to package up any needed libs which arn't on an operating system,

1.7 version introduced several checks in [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] to

process compiling and library management of shared libs if needed. This

includes: zlib, libmxp, pcre, and sqlite.

-The incorporation of compiling and linking against these libraries works,

but is not the proper way to bundle packaged libraries.

-Since the bundling of these libraries was introduced, plugins had to then

be hard linked and compiled against any libraries. This is the incorrect

method, and removes the whole logic behind plugin and API usage. The plugins

should maintain their source code seperateness and should link against any

bundled libraries based on the actual mud clients installation and configuration

settings. ( if the client had to install [url removed, login to view], the plugin should detect this

and link against [url removed, login to view] as well. proper procedure is open for recomendations )

Request: * Repair the [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] files as appropriate to

conform to autoconf standards in bundled package distribution

* Remove plugin compiling from the source code and place it back

into individual plugin management

- Each plugin should be able to compile seperately

- Plugins should detect needed libraries and either request

to be placed in the source directory of the mud client in

order to load the needed libs, or detect the needed libs from

an already installed 'same-version' mudmagic installation

-Provide an internal function that lets you wrap a message from

the code, to the client. Such as: send_to_window("warning, can't find blaat")

-you can view a list of current aliases, triggers and macros, but must type

in the trigger for that command.

Request: allow a user to double click on the name to send the command/script call to the client.

-Modify the new triggers/aliases/macro's to allow personal:

if, !=, ==, >=, , and < values for simple command aliases

((python scripts support this already)).

* This is for the 'Send Commands' entry field. It should be able

to parse the input and using the variables assigned through regular

expression; handle the most rudimentary of logic checks.

* Example:

Trigger: (.*?) tells you '(.*?)'

Send command:

if( string_in("Kyndig", $1 ) )

reply I don't know the answer to $2


chat $1 why are you telling me $2

Trigger: You buy (.*?) loaves of (.*?)

if( !is_number( $1 ) )

$total = 4;


$total = $1;

for( $x = 0; $x is greater than = is equal to or greater than <= is equal to or less than

& and | or

String Operators (for matching text)

== does string1 exactly match string2

!= does string1 not match string2

Additional commands available:

string_in(1,2) bool return to see if string1 is in string2

is_number(1) bool return to see if it is a numerical value


IF Convenient requests, but not part of bid:


-Provide compile support for gcc on cygwin through autoconf ([url removed, login to view])

-supply VARIABLE support and complete IMG support in MXP

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