Visual Studio .Net 2003 Project

As stated this requires a visual studio .net 2003 programming capable person.

What I need:

In this program I need you to develop an ASCII drawing language to create graphical representation of simple images. In this project, all drawing commands will be provided by an input file named input.txt. The input file will contain a number of different commands with standard syntax as given below. The input file also may contain comments on any line preceded

with a # symbol.

The drawing commands are as follows:

print n c print n copies of the character c to the display

space n print out n spaces

newline start a new line

quit the picture is finished

All graphics should be displayed to the monitor and output to a file named output.txt. When designing the program you should take a modular approach and design separate functions to perform specific tasks. For example, a single function may perform the space routine. All good design practices should be followed, including program structure and spacing, commenting, meaningful variable names, etc.

payment is prefered over PayPa. I also require the program to befinished by Friday 11 AM Central Time. I also have a sample input drawing that you can use to test your program along with additional samples that I will use to test the program once it is completed.

A sample file has been provided as an attachment so you can see how the input will look like.

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