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Dynamic Localization

The Dynamic Localization component provides an API for seamlessly manipulating localized non-static data. While static data localization is fully supported by the .NET framework, dynamic data proves more challenging.

This component is useful when you have localization requirements for non-static data such as the description of an item in a database.


Provides a robust pattern for storing localizable data in a relational database

Provides an API for manipulating that data

Utilizes .NET Framework globalization classes

Database Pattern

The main goal of this component is to provide a seamless method of accessing dynamic localized data. This data will be stored in a relational database (i.e. SQL Server 2000) and will follow this pattern (note that this is not to be changed by the design unless given express permission).

The CULTURE table will store information about the defined cultures and will be shared among all of the entity tables. The CULTURE_NAME column will contain the culture string (‘en-US’, ‘en’, ‘fr-FR’, ‘fr-CA’, etc.).

In this example, CUSTOMER is our entity table (there can and will be many more). Everything in CUSTOMER is not culture-variant (it is the same for every culture). Everything in CUSTOMER_CULTURE is potentially culture-variant (and has the CULTURE_ID added to the schema).

Data Manipulation

This component will provide an API that will allow manipulation of the entities without dealing with the complexities introduced by the culture-variant data.

Data retrieval should use the same rules .NET uses to determine the correct data value for a culture as shown in this article:

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