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looking for software to assist in the pulling and purchasing of tickets on ticket site. I need software that will monitor the on sale web page and at the instant the ticket on sale opens up the software will navigate it's way through the on screen dialogs, solve the captcha, and pull the tickets, then give the user the option of purchasing the tickets. The captcha needs to be solved at a very high success rate. The higher the success rate, the more we are willing to pay for this. The other requirement is to be able to queue up a number of these processes simultaneously, so they will all be pulling tickets instantaneously after a ticket sale opens up. Within seconds after the sale opens up we would like to be prompted with numerous ticket choices for purchase. We would also like to be able to set the program in "spinner" mode where it constantly polls an event for tickets that meet certain specifications and if it finds any suitable tickets it automatically purchases them for us.

The winning bidder for this project will most likely already be very familiar with the ticketing web site and will have a lot of experience in this type of programming and be very familiar with the requirements. If I find the right partner, I would like to establish a long term relationship where they can develop and improve on the software over time and as ticket site makes changes to their system. Please PM me with details.

If you can arrange a DEMO, you go to the front of the line. Below is more detailed description

Normally I would have to continuously refresh my browser with the F5 key until the item opens up for sale. At that point I would select two or four tickets in the dropdown and then click on “Look for tickets”. That will bring you to a word image and once that word is typed in your ticket location is revealed. I am looking for a program which can automate this whole process.

One key issue is the use of multiple browsers and how Ticket programs use cookies and finds your IP address to shape traffic on its site. You will see that you are not able to search for an event on two Internet explorer browsers at the same time. If you want to purchase tickets simultaneously you will have to use different browsers such as Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla/Firefox. It is obvious that the more times that you “look for tickets” , the greater the likelihood that you can secure the best seats. Any program made would have to address this issue. If it were possible to disguise an IP or not allow them to recognize the attempts are from the same computer, then a program which automates the purchase process could do this on 20 or more browsers (even if all are internet explorer). I know that proxy servers or use of a program like securetunnel can mask the ip address but from what I read I gather that these methods significantly affect internet speed to the point that there is no gain in their use. This issue of traffic shaping is extremely important as sites often blocks a customer’s use of its site when they receive tons of hits from the customer’s ip address. So a program that was pulling 20 sets of tickets would need to get past the technology that they use.

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