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we need to create some sort of either standalone java application or a web based interface/application integrated with a sip client/dialer, not sure exactly whats best but any suggestions are welcome.

mainly like this, we need to create a client/server application, the client will be some sort of application/interface that will link to the server, which is mostly an Asterisk server.

in between there is this sip client, which needs to have just basic functions like able to register, dial and hangup, get some notifications or indications like BUSY or ANSWERED from the asterisk server and be able to like display it on this app for user to know whats going on, at same time some config options for like setting the user/pass, the codecs or whichever necessary, we can discuss all this to simplify things further,

The main part of the client will be the sip client/dialer, which will register to the Asterisk server and be able to make a single fixed call, it only needs to have the dial and hangup function, just simple client. No need to enter phone numbers, contacts or anything like that. Just dial to the asterisk and hangup when finish.

Okay some more explanation about this application :

- the sip client will work someways like this; user logs in to this application, he clicks on Button1, then he click on Button 2 and Button 3. (all these buttons have a fixed value which we can set).

For example lets say we set Button1 to be 11, Button 2 to be 22 and Button 3 to be 33. So if user click those 3 buttons, and press the START/Dial button, the sip client will dial to the Asterisk as 112233, something like this, just an idea, maybe you have better way of achieving this.

Mainly we need to be able like input the number to dial based on the buttons they press and such or which information they select on this application.

The application will have lots of other functions, such as :

- status of channels in asterisk

- it will read a list of tables from a database in server and be able to like load information from there. For example, when user logs in to this client, it will load all the data from the table which he has access to from the server into a tree/list format, he can then select this information will which form the number to dial. For example if he select XXX and YYY from the list , and press Button1 above, it will send to Asterisk as 11XXXYYY, something like that.

- It also needs to have logging options, again picking up information from asterisk database, this is simple part.

- it needs to have some initial setup scripts and configuration options, which buttons to load and which not to load

- it needs to have some scheduler application, where user can upload files or recordings to a designed folder on the server and use this files to create a schedule so Asterisk will play this file when the time comes.

- some app/option to like add buttons, customise buttons,

- mainly lot of buttons on this application, some buttons will link to the sip client for input functions, and the rest of the buttons will send information straight to the Asterisk server/database for other scripts there to take action.

So hope you get the idea, mainly its a client/server based application with a lot of functions ,

Mainly for now we are not sure whether to do it as a standalone Java based application or a Web based Interface with the sip client as java or embedded or whichever suitable.

The interface needs to be clean and nice , would be great if you have some good touches to make it AJAX like or some smooth stuff, but not totally necessary.

Needs to be done quickly as well , so please serious bidders only, you need to have some experience working with SIP Clients and such, please dont bid just for the sake of bidding.

We have a small team of people working on this too, so you can join us as well as we can work together to find workarounds or make things easier.

We can discuss the full specs as well, its not too difficult for a good programmer, just need to understand all the requirements.

also this app needs to be able run on both windows/linux, so i think either java/web based should be ok, as long as its able to access via browser or such,

there is also some open source stuff like JAIN, Sip-communicator, zap for mozilla that we can try and use/modify, we can find workarounds,

Thanks in advance,

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