Accounts payable, data entry program

I was wondering if someone could create a program that would assist an accounts payable department. Here are the aspects I absolutely need:

1. Ability to fully scan invoices into program

2. Program would "pick out" important information from scan

3. Since many invoices are set-up differently, it would help to be able to set up templates for different suppliers

4. Program would upload this information to an Accounting Database Software with as little human involvement as possible.

Note: I am trying to streamline my accounting department, so if it requires a lot of maintainence, I am not interested. If this program can be set up once and those initial efforts can help accomplish the above tasks with almost no human involvement, then I will consider it. Otherwise, contact me for further questions or tell me if this is possible.

I know nothing about application design, so please just tell me if a program like this is possible.

I would also want to purchase this entire program from the designer, so designer should have experience writing contracts for transfer of ownership or something similar.

thank you

Ideally I would like it to hold thousands of template invoices, from which it could "pick" numbers from a scan. For example, if we were purchasing from Apple, and an invoice total read $324.88, I would scan in the Apple invoice and the program would recognize the total as $324.88, as well as the date, invoice number, and other variables consistent with apple invoices.

We use a large accounting software for our company and this information would ideally be input into that database from the software. I merely want to know if this is possible. If it is too hard of a task, I am sorry but I am trying to lower work hours per employee, and if this cannot be done please tell me.

Another thing I would consider is similar to, which is unrelated to accounting, but with the website application, a user enters information and can then drag and drop that information into variable fields on many different website. I would consider a program that could serve that function, but the key thing I would like to know is if this is possible. I have a limited budget to spend on for this project, and my boss is not willing to invest any money unless he knows this program will work.

Skills: .NET, C programmering, Java, Visual Basic, XML

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