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Automatic uploader

The project

Make an automatic torrent creator and uploader. You can use MakeTorrent for creating torrents (see [url removed, login to view] for source code). you can use this code if you'd like to code the whole app in Delphi, or you can port it to C++, doesn't really care, choose what's easier for you.

The software what you will create isn't a console tool, but a software with a simple GUI, nothing fancy things required, just a very basic GUI.

I have a directory on my PC where I'm uploading stuff from a private FTP every day at 09:00. Let's call it C:stuff_to_upload

All thing what I'm upload here is a proper scene release with included .sfv file, sample and NFO file.

So the dir structure will be the following:




My FTP app is uploading the .sfv file at last to these directories, so the upload is complete in a release if it has a .sfv file uploaded.

Your app needs to continously search for complete releases (so directories with uploaded .sfv files in it), and if it's found a complete release, then start creating a .torrent file from that directory. You can place this created file anywhere on y PC, doesn't really care, but this created .torrent file should be deleted after a successful upload.

Let's say you successfully created a torrent file from a release, then it needs to be uploaded to a specific tracker. So to only 1 (one) tracker.

I've already coded the receiver part of the script (so where you upload a created .torrent file).

So basically your app needs to post the following:

[url removed, login to view];nfo=nfo&file=contents

torrentname = taken from the directory name (C:stuff_to_uploadRelease.name.format-GROUP), so the torrent name will be Release.name.format-GROUP

nfo=the contents of the .NFO file, so you should post the contents of the .NFO file

file=Contents of the .torrent file what you created.

So my receiver script will grab these informations what your app will send, that's all.

My script will send back a modified .torrent file, what should be saved to a directory. Your app should invoke the following command, so it will automatically start seeding the stuff.

[url removed, login to view] --torrent=torrent_file_name_what_my_app_sent_back_to_you

I'm a programmer myself, so hopefully I can answer your questions :)

If you have any questions just ask.

I'm open to fair suggestions, happy bidding!

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