build an online yellow page portal.

Objective: Build a local focused online yellow page.

Users types: online visitors, registered business, system admin.


Visitor: Browse or Search a local business.

Report Out of Business, Out of Date Business Information, and Duplicates.

Suggest a New business.

Email Business info to a friend

View complete business details.

Contact registered business.

Business: Register a business account with email address.

Update business information

Upload pictures.

Review visitor information.

Admin: Add/Delete/Update a business

Review registered business detail and approve/decline.

Notify a business when its business information is accepted/declined

Send email to a registered business

Send Announcement email to all registered business.

Review user reports, sort by types, marked as reviewed, or deleted.

System: Keeps track of the # of visitors to a business

use a static url to a business detail page.

must be able to handle up to 100 requests per second.

save outgoing messages.


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