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Hi all!

I'm currently working with a client, building several python scripts that automates different processes.

All the processes involves:

- Website login (using credentials).

- Search using different parameters.

- Check for results and based on random conditions, extract results into Excel output files and/or insert / update a database.

- Also we automated:

- Uploading information to website(s), submitting forms, even uploading documents to website (PDFs, Word docs -converting them to Base64).

The above is a resume about all the processes we have running, using python scripts.

Most of them, are built using "requests" as we try to avoid the use of browsers (selenium for example). Anyway, we still have some scripts that use Selenium with Chrome.

Important: I'm looking to add to some scripts, the ability to process the same thing, but using threads (to reduce considerably the amount of time needed to conclude them).

Is that a skill you already have and had applied to old scripts?

Would you be comfortable adding threading capabilities to already working python scripts?

So, resuming, I'm interested to talk with you about 2 main things:

- Development of new python scripts, mostly using "requests".

- Modify existing python scripts adding them the "threading" capability to reduce time of processes.

What do you say ?

This is not one time job, we have many scripts to work on.

Start your bid with phrase: "I can add threading capabilities"

Thanks in advance.


PS: please, I'd need to know more about you and your past (or current) work about the above topics. If you have samples, would be great to see them.

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