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Basic Flash Program or similar

I am looking to run an experiment with my students and would like to design an experiment preferably using Flash. The reason for this is that I may eventually integrate it with Blackboard which is the standard platform for Uni ed. in this country. PHP is not an option and this does not need to record data as such, but rather provide students with a result there and then. This could also be done in Java, depending on how good you are.

Further details of this project are available below. I will supply all details to the successful bidder. This is the first of four projects and I would like to work with someone on an ongoing basis. I also own a multimedia company ([url removed, login to view]) in Australia (mostly designed focus) and we are also looking for someone to handle java and php work on a casual basis. However, the priority is this initial design, I need it fast, so gun programmers please get in touch. I would prefer someone with runs on the board. There will be about a three day delay from submission of quote to commencement of work, as there is another approvals process at this end, relevant to the budget involved.


Student enters program and begins the process. (Whatever is easiest for this - a downloadable .exe would be fine - no permanent storage of data required)

I would like a 'friendly' front page which gives general instructions about the experiment (we will provide all the text) and tells the student:

• they are about to be presented with a series of word lists (one each of 10, 20 and 30 words)

• words will be presented one after the other until the required number of words have been presented (no need for a 'stop' but will need some way to re-launch the list if needed)

• each word will appear on screen for 3 seconds

• at the end of each word list, the screen goes blank and then an unlimited free recall period begins

• during this time the student is to type in as many words as they can remember (in any order) in the space provided (have a blank table kind of thing there for them to enter words into) … will need to urge them to be careful of spelling

• once they have recalled as many as possible they click on NEW LIST and the process begins again (p'raps a REPEAT button for those who had a child run out in front of traffic in the meantime)

Behind the scenes:

• database of 80ish words (we will provide)

• each word is drawn randomly from the database (without replacement) until the required number of words have been presented for each list

• need to record what position each word was presented in (i.e., at what place in the list)

• 'look' at the words recalled by the participant and record which position in the list each of the recalled words were originally presented in

... e.g., lets say the following list was presented:

1. CAT


3. RED

4. PEN







If the participant correctly recalled CAT, DOOR, CLOCK, RED & BOTTLE the computer would record correct recall of positions 1, 3, 5, 9 and 10 for the 10 word list

• this process repeats for the 20 and 30 word list lengths

• at the end of the experiment the students need to be faced with a table looking something like: (ticks would probably cut down on confusion)



1 X X X

2 X X X

3 X X

4 X X X


6 X X

7 X X

8 X

9 X X

10 X




14 X

15 X X

16 X

17 X


19 X

20 X

21 X

22 X

23 X


25 X

26 X

27 X

28 X

29 X

30 X

• at this point the student is finished with the program and needs to take the data from this table and enter it into the table they will be provided with, do some simple calculations and produce a serial position graph with separate lines for the 10, 20 and 30 word list lengths

• P’raps a FINISHED button that double checks they really are finished so that we don’t have too many instances of “I pushed a button and it all disappeared!”


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