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Easy Task for Native Icelandic Speakers (Talking on the Phone for 2.5H)

We are looking for native Icelandic speakers for Pair Voice recording!
The recording must be in Icelandic. 

As long as you are native Icelandic speakers, you don't have to have any experiences in voice recording or voice acting. 

What you have to do is to talk with your friends and family on the phone, very easy task!

This is for training AI technology for customer service.


- Find your partner to record with, this voice recording must be done by a pair.

- Each person has to be at different location where is very quiet.

What to do

- You need to call the provided number from a certain calling app.

- You need to talk about 4 easy topics, 40min each. 

- Topics are very general, easy to talk.

* The shown budget is for one person. 

* If our QC detect you as none native, you need to submit your ID to support your Icelandic nationality. 

* We pay 80% of budget right after the submission of data, however if your data is not qualified, you must fix the data, If you don't want to redo, we will pay after we confirm your data is qualified, it might take some time around a few weeks to a month, 
We pay for qualified data, so if you refuse redo to fix, we cannot pay.



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