Korean Voice Talent Needed


We need professionally recorded Korean voice overs for e-learning projects. The technical specifications are quite detailed and there is a pretty exhaustive list in the advanced options.

So please read over the detailed descriptions carefully, reply with the various criteria in mind:

1. Your list of equipment that you record with.

2. A brief description of your recording environment, with a picture of your studio (where you will actually record the voice overs)

3. Voice over samples.

Please do not send us any bids without reading over our detailed explanation below. Any bids not following these instructions will not be considered.


## Deliverables

Hi! I am posting this on behalf of our company.

Please read over the details carefully. Your bid will not be considered if you don't follow the instructions below.



We need to get Korean voiceover recordings done (male and female).


The material is instructional (e-learning) - and needs to be read as if a teacher is instructing students. The accent needs to be proper, native Korean - no accented dialects are acceptable.

Basically, the readings would need to correspond with a series of instructional slides. After the voiceovers are recorded, you would need to clean up any mistakes, cut the files into smaller files corresponding to the slides, name them as such and then send us the raw unprocessed files. For example, if there is slide no. 12, you will have a text corresponding to slide 12. What you must do is record that text, clean up any mistakes (as per technical specifications below), name the file as slide 12, and then send us the raw, unprocessed file. Hope that makes sense.


1. Please bid per page of voice recording (A4 size page - containing about 450-500 words per page in Roman script or equivalent).

2. Quantity may vary: It could be anywhere from 20 pages to 120 pages or more.

3. Delivery time. Please also specify how many pages you can send us per week.

4. Mandatory sample recording of the voice of the person who will do the recording. Please ensure that the same person will be doing the recordings as well. If there is any change during the project after you are selected, you need to inform us well in advance, and send us a fresh voice sample. (Actually it is preferable if this doesn't happen, and that the same person does the job all the way through).

5. The recording must be done in the same environment where they will eventually be recording projects.

6. List of the equipment that you will be using to record the voiceovers. (I mean the actual microphone, interface, etc. I am an audio engineer myself with over 16 years of experience in the industry).

7. Please specify your payment terms, that is - milestones, etc.


Here are the technical specifications we would need for the audio recordings (need to follow strictly):

? The client would like raw audio delivered (without any processing)

? There should be no background noise or hum

? The volume and tone need to be more or less the same overall throughout each file

? The audio will be heard over headphones as part of an e-learning programme, so everything will be very 'in-your-face' - (or 'in-your-ears'), so things like dry mouth clicks and pops are a no-no

? There will be no music in the background, hence the necessity for all these precautions

? Breath pops are not acceptable

? The tone of the reader and the loudness needs to be more or less the same - without too many variations in pitch, etc., although obviously some expression needs to be used in the reading, but that would be minimal, as it's mainly instruction.

? Audio to be sent as mp3 320 kbps, mono

? The turnaround time is pretty fast, so hope that won't be a problem

? NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) would need to be signed and sent on to the client.

Please note: there must not be any mistakes. If there are mistakes after you have sent the files, you will not be paid. Sorry, our clients are very particular, and we demand absolute professionalism.

We also expect further projects like this, so, if you are chosen for this and we like your work, you will be on our database.

Happy bidding!

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