Real Estate Loan Application - Database Driven Web Application

1. John is a real estate agent and needs to take a loan application for Mr. Smith.

2. John goes to the web application and logs onto his password protected area using the credentials (user name and password) provided by the system administrator.

3. John then creates a new record named Mr. Smith.

4. Once the record is created, John enters the Smith record and clicks the link "New Loan Application".

5. John then fills out the new loan application form and clicks submit.

6. When John submits the loan application. it is emailed to 2 people within the company.

7. When they receive the information in the email they print it.

8. They manually enter the information into a Windows program.

9. This begins the processing of the client’s file and information.

10. When completed, the processor then creates several documents as Adobe PDF files.

11. The processor then logs on to the web system and can see a list of agents – John, Bob and Steve.

12. The processor selects John (who is the originating agent for this file) and is now able to see the record – Mr. Smith, mixed in with others like Mr. & Mrs. Johnson etc.

13. The processor selects Mr. Smith’s record and sees some general detail.

14. This detail will include the current status of this record, notes and other things like the date created and date last updated.

15. The processor clicks the link – Upload New File to this record - and can then browse to the Adobe PDF files she has created.

16. The processor attaches these files – one at a time – to the record.

17. The processor updates the status of the record from New to In Process.

18. The processor clicks the Notify Agent/Broker button and this sends a notification email to John who is the agent on this record advising him that the record for Mr. Smith has been updated.

19. John receives this email notification and returns back to the internet, logs back in to the system and can now see the documents that have been uploaded to the record as Adobe PDF’s.

20. John may now open, save or print these files.

21. If there is an issue with a record, such as a misspelled name or street the agent will place a call to the processing center where the record will be modified and new Adobe PDF’s are created as needed.

22. Once these files are re-created they will need to be uploaded to the web record where they will overwrite the previous version.

Web pages will be designed for you, and supplied to programmer. Form will be created in Dreamweaver 8 and also supplied to the programmer.

Site must give Agents access to see only their files. There will be multiple agents needing access to only their records. One Administrator.

Evner: ASP

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